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It was on a rainy Saturday. So we all went shopping for school supplies. We still had time but why not get it over with?

"So what are we gonna do this spring?" I ask as the five of us looked at the binders.

"I don't know. Coach switched schools, and I'm not about to run track!" Grace said firmly.

It was true. Coach didn't just switch schools she switched to our rival school. Pine Crest High school. Apparentely the rivalry between the White Wood Cardinals and Eagles has been going on for awhile.

"There's always room on the rec soccer team!"
Sam said happily.

I sighed. Me, Grace, and Lara played softball and we all played basketball. And basketball is outside of school like travel softball because there isn't a girl's team. Sam was a really good goalie. But our school has no women's soccer team either. Allie plays travel lacrosse and tennis.

"Well there's the tennis team!"
I offer.

    "Ha! You would hate it. It's all drama. They don't care about playing or winning."
Grace said and sighed.

"I don't understand, why is our school so sexist??"
I ask.

Our principle and staff have never given the girls a chance to really prove themselves in athletics. But there aren't many girls who enjoy sports here either. Unless you count cheerleading. They've got a pretty big group.

"I don't know. I mean, we are good."
Grace said shrugging.

"It's because most of the girls here are more concerned with their GPA and like cheerleading, clubs, or the yoga and fitness club."
Allie said shaking her head.

"There's nothing wrong with clubs though. Or Good grades."
I said.

Our school has always been known for the girls being very academic, and the guys being very athletic.
Everyone sighed.

"Hey Jen, remember when you suggested starting up powder puff? We could try that."
Lara suggested.

"And have us and like one other person sign up?"
Sam asked.

"Guess we could try. Or try and deal with tennis. track."
Grace said sounding sad.

I thought.

They asked.

"We can take it a step further."
And that was when I came up with the craziest plan ever.

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