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The morning before I left for our next game, I decided to try and at least get my mom to come. After I put my stuff down by the front door I headed towards the kitchen only to find her already there making herself some coffee.

I went over to the cabinet to grab a box of (f/c), I put it gently on the counter in front of me. "Hey honey" my mom was first to speak up, without even looking my way. I went to grab a bowl, grabbing her a coffee mug at the same time "hey Mom" I responded with, as she continued to stare at the now made coffee in front of her.

"How did you sleep?"

I put the bowl on the counter next to the cereal box as I handed my mom her mug. "Alright. How about you?" Was my response as I went to grab the milk from the fridge "Good. Good." After she responded it went silent as I made my cereal and she finished making her coffee.

I now sat on a stool at the counter as I ate my cereal, lost in thought. 'I should just ask her, I mean, what is the worst that could happen? But I don't wanna bother her if she is busy. She's always busy lately...' I let out an audible sigh, grabbing my moms attention.

"What is it sweetheart?"

I shook my head a bit, swallowing the now chewed cereal in my mouth. Once my mouth was no longer full, I answered her"It's nothing.." she nodded her head a bit before taking a sip of her coffee"Okay." Before she could walk off I was quick to back track, finally making up my mind.

"Actually, there is one thing."

She looked over to me, a confused look on her face"And what is that?" I shrugged a bit, looking off to the side as I answered her question"Well, I know that your busy a lot.... but I was hoping, that maybe you would come to my game today?" She let out a sigh in response as I waited for her answer.

I looked back at her only to see her looking off to the side, as if thinking about something before looking back at me and saying"I wish I could. But I have to work this morning, the diner could use an extra hand, and I could use an extra paycheck." She let out a light laugh at the end, only for her to realize that I wasn't laughing with her.

She was quick to stop as I looked back down at my cereal in disappointment"Okay, that's fine." I stared down at the cereal in front of me, no longer hungry.

'At least I tried right...?'

It was silent for awhile as my mom now decided to start to make her breakfast. A sudden thought occurred to me causing me to lift my head up and narrow my eyes at the back of her head.

"You don't have work. The diner is closed in the mornings. And I know this because Charlie's mom works at the same damn diner!"

She was quick to turn around as I glared at her"First of all, watch your mouth. And okay, yes, the diner isn't open." I huffed in anger and confusion as my mom sent me an innocent glance. "So then it isn't work is it? It never is. This is about something else isn't it?" She let out a sigh before turning back around, her back now facing me as her hands now sat on the counter in front of her.

She leaned over it as I pieced it together"Hockey reminds you of dad. Doesn't it?" I felt angry, and I was only getting more angry when she didn't even respond. I continued"So you don't even bother to show up to any of my games." I glared at her back as my hands turned to fists on top of the counter in front of me.

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