Finals [Closed]

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Hey hey hey! After a long month of waiting, the results of the nominations are finally here! Just like last year, all ties have been solved with a random number generator, so my personal feelings/tastes don't affect the contest at all.

Now, I'll explain how the finals work! It's really simple but please read!

Each category has listed underneath it the ten fanfictions that won the nominations, with their author tagged next to it. You can only vote ONE fanfic from each category, so think carefully before commenting! Specially because if you break this rule, NONE of your votes will be valid.

Every comment on a title will be considered as a vote, EXCEPT the answers to other comments. Also, please vote only once for your favorite fanfic. Don't spam a title with comments thinking that it will help it win, because it WON'T. Your only achievement by doing this will be consuming my free time (〒﹏〒)

You can vote until November 30th of 2020.

Now, enough of this, and let's get to the finals!



Best plot

1. uno by softbiscuit

2. Hiraeth by akatsukislut

3. Torn by Tanithiaria

4. 14 days by softbiscuit

5. Don't Touch My Alpha by ReddRiot_KB

6. Glitch by sempiternal_stare

7. Worthless Necessity by KiriteRyujin

8. BRAT by bIxssm

9. Fake date. by moonietoonz

10. ❌Prom?❌ by -MandaLink-

Best short story

1. uno by softbiscuit

2. 14 days by softbiscuit

3. Roses Are Red by unbreakable-red-riot

4. Beauty And The Dragon by Amane800

5. Backbone by Charltonlization

6. Alphas. by 1998FanGirl

7. Princess of Peace by XxScarletMaidenxX

8. What Happens Before Death by crynge

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