Part 3

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She removed heavy jewelry...... she was shivering from cold and her embroidery on her lehga was pinching her skin.... she was not used to of it...
after removing her pins from her head she held her head in both hand.... try to understand what just happened.......
Sana pov:
Am I supposed to live like this now....
He is a womanizer...... no no plz noo....
If he is not interested in me then why he said yes.....
She was thinking and shivering. It was unbearable cold out side....the sounds of moans creating the work of salt on her wounds...... her head was spinning... she wrap the quilt and close her eyes
Next morning:
Sid wake up and goes to balcony for fresh air he totally forget about last night but when she saw Sana I balcony who is shivering with cold while sleeping she instantly goes to her
Sid: heyyy utooo
She is not not responding her body was as cold as ice . He became worried
Sid: ooo god what I have done
She quickly pic her in his arm and move toward room .
He was rubbing her hand and tapping her face but no response.
He has no option left he called the his maa
Sidmother: what happened to her
Sid : I don't know maa
Sidma: on the heater and warm the room . Try to warm her.
Sid: hm Okk
Sid ma: i m going to call the doctor.
Sid instantly hug her and start rubbing her back.
Her body start heating up after some time....
the doctor came after some time and check her
Dr: she has high fever
Sidma: but kl tk to yah bilkul thk thii
Dr: she is too much sensitive. Better to take care her
Dr wrote some paper instructions and medicine and take leave .
Sana woke up after some time
Sana : maaa
Sidmaa: jii betaa
Sana look at her with teary eyes
Sidmaa: what happened mera beta ... why you are crying
Sana : actually maa... she going to speak further but stop
Sidma: what happened Sana tell me
Sana : I have to change ....its itching to my body
Sidmaa : ohhh ok go and change .....
she change in to comfort loose shirt and short her body became red due to that dress......

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