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Aqua POV

Branson leaned down and started to kiss me. I moaned at the long waited feeling of our tongue brushing one another.

"I need you." Branson whined, pawing at the hem of my shirt.

Branson put me in a sitting position, taking off my shirt. I kissed his neck once he finished. I kissed all around his neck looking for his soft spot.

Suddenly Branson pushed me back down and felt up my chest. Squeezing my boobs, making me throw my head back and groan.

"You like that baby?" he asked before reconnecting his lips on my neck continuing to squeeze my boob.

I was so distracted I didn't feel him take off my shorts. Only when he took off my panties and stuck his fingers in me, I began to realize his intentions.

"How's that sexy?" he whispered slyly, I nodded and laid my head back.

He started to thrust his fingers in and out of me at an excruciating slow pace,

I was about to cry out for more until I felt his warm wet tongue connect with my clit.

I moaned loudly.

Then all of a sudden another couple came in kissing.

"What the fuck?" Branson said covering me up with the blankets.

The couple stopped kissing.

"Awe shit sorry man." Calum said leaving with the girl I assume was Morgan.

"Sorry about that." Branson said taking the covers off of me.

"You know maybe we should do this another time." I said getting up and putting my clothes back on.

I grabbed my shirt and walked out the room putting it on. I feel bad for leaving Branson there but I refuse to have sex with him knowing that we are at a party and people can barge in.

Me: Leah I'm ready to go

Leuh: awe ok

Me: is Joey coming

Leuh: no he's having sex with some guy

Me: oh okay


Sorry guise that I haven't posted a chapter in so long. I've been busy with my Dirty Little Liars book. I finally came to a conclusion who I want to be the Big A. It will be so surprising haha. But Ill start updating this book.

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