Chapter 1

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Arabella POV

"Mom are you serious?!" I asked my mom in a very enthusiastic tone.

"Yup sweety! So you be good in your senior year and I can promise you, We will send you to the school of your choice!" She said while she hug me.

I have a very loving and supportive parents. I used to get what I want but in return of doing something good and they will reward me. I am A+ student and proud to be a nerd. Those classic big rim round eye glass? Wearing only simple sweater and jeans, no make up just natural, yes that's me people!.

Mom used to convince me to show the world my beauty. Don't blame me it's my mom word ok? I don't even know why she said beauty. I don't have any of it. I swear I feel pity of my parents since they both have beautiful genes but their one and only daughter turns out to be ugly duckling!

"Thanks mom! I love you so much and dad too!" I chuckle while I pull off from her hug.

"Sweetie, you are the best daughter we could ever asked. Your brothers are damn lucky to have you as their big sister" mom said.

"Thanks man! I go to school mom. I might get late if I don't start heading there!" I said as I slung my backpack on my right shoulder. Then I kissed her and went off to school.

I so excited and nervous at the same as I step inside the campus. Not because I am new here but every one eyes turns to me and I wonder why?. I just let it go and went straight ahead to my first class.

I reached my room and plop in the first row. Not minding the creepy stares that my classmates gives me. Not new to me since I been used to that kind of stares since my first school. Thank God the teacher arrived just exact time the bell rang.

"Good morning class. I am your teacher. I am Teacher Gisele your science teacher. I'm looking forward for cooperation since our subject compose of group activities. And that's what I intend to do until the semester end. Am I clear?", Then she began to explain about this and that.

When we are in middle of class discussion the door burst open and reveal the most handsome guy I ever seen in my entire life. He walked in front me like he is god. He's freaking sexy and handsome although I am used to see handsome guys since my brothers are all handsome, not to brag ok?.

I secretly glance on his direction and I saw him sit beside the girl with blonde hair and she put her hands on his thigh and chest. What a flirt! I snorted and shake my head while I divert my attention to the teacher whose practically nagging him but it's seem he doesn't heard anything at all.

"Mr. Ashton Carter, please behave and Ms. Elle Davis keep in your hands on yourself, don't wander else someone body" then teacher while she eyed both of them. Thank God this teacher has some senses.

Ashton just shrugged his shoulder and the girl Elle name thank God she keep her little respect to herself. Just like that the class resume and without notice the bell rang. The students busy picking up their stuff and hurriedly went out. Time for my next class..

After I went to my second class the bell rang it's indicating that's it's lunch time.

I went to cafeteria and boy it's super huge and the food looks yummy. I take a line to pick out some food for me to eat. I look around for an empty seat and just my luck I saw at the corner with vacant one. I plop on it and began eating my precious food.

Someone took a sit the chair opposite of me and I saw a girl with a long black hair smiling towards me.

"Can I sit in here?" She asked me shyly.

"Sure!" Then I smiled in return to her.

"Are you new here? It seems like it's my first time I saw you!" She asked me while she take a bite of her burger.

"Yup! Just transfer here this year!" While I nodded my head.

"Do you want to be friends? I'm jasmine and you?" Then she offer her hand and I shake it.

"Nice to meet jasmine! I'm Arabella. Let's be friends then!" I smiled to her.

Then she suddenly stood up on her seat and plop beside me.

"Since where friends and you are new here! I will tell you about this school!" She said. Then her eyes wander around the cafeteria. "Did you see the guy whose sexy with blue eyes and blond hair? That's Ashton, he's the hottest guy on campus, guys and girls wanted to be with him. Like when your close to him it's like your popular. Then that girl sitter on her lap? That's Aliyah, she's a cheerleader and one of sluts here on campus. Those girls and boys together in their table stay away from them they're no good for us need" then she giggled to me.

"Yeah I keep that in mind!" I keep munching my food. "Want some fries?" I offer her. Then she immediately grab it and put in her mouth.

"Food is life for me! Hahahahah I can't say no to it!" Then we laughed together.

The bell and we clean our trash. We sprint to our next subject. Thank God we have the same last subject and that's history.

I text my mom and I am almost finish and it's my last subject for today. I didn't bother to look my way and I bump into someone. Because it's too sudden my books drops and even my eyes glass drop too. Shit!!!

"Sorry" I said while I bend down to pick up my things . I noticed the person I bump still standing infront of me. After collecting my things I straighten my clothes and look up, my breath almost hitch since I saw pair of beautiful blue eyes looking at me intensely. I cleared my throat to gain his attention.

"Sorry for bumping you. I didn't meant to!" I said while I bow my head to show how sorry I am.

He bend down to whisper something on my ears.

"Nerd take off that glasses it doesn't suit you at all" then he walk away from me.

I look at him shock and stunned. What the hell just happened???

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