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One summer a teenager named Taleen Damaris decides to spend her summer vacation at her grandparents' house. She founds herself in a group of friends. On an unexpected night she and her friends meets a new strange girl that later on becames a a part of their group.




"Where are you planning to take your summer vacation Taleen?" my mom asked me as she reached for the bowl of rice.

"Annalise,Emmeline and I are planning to take a vacation somewhere near a beach." I answered with excitement in my voice before starting to eat.

Our summer break started last week. I started to plan my summer vacation since March started. I'm actually planning to take a vacation somewhere with my cousins since i didn't got the chance to spend time with them last year.

"Maybe you should visit your grandma and grandpa and maybe you can help them in decorating the house." my dad suggested.

"That's nice, maybe you, Annalise and Emmeline should spend time with them. Oh, you should bring Travon with you." i didn't want to bring Travon. That kid always pisses me off.

"Mom, i don't think that i can control Travon. Besides, he doesn't know how to listen. And also, if i'm going to bring him with me, then that means that we have to also bring Elian and the other two boys." i told them as i remember what happened last summer 2 years ago.

My summer last 2 years ago didn't turned out as planned. It was a mess. I was hoping that i'm going to be able to relax with the girls, but the boys made it hard for us to the point that we can't even get a peaceful afternoon nap.

I let out a deep sigh after reminiscing that memory. My blood really boils everytime that i'm with those boys.

"So you're suggesting that we should spend our summer vacation at grandma and grandpa's house?" Emmeline asked while we the both of us started to go through our closets to look for cute outfits.

"Yes, maybe we should visit them. I mean, come on, we both know that it's been ages since the last time that we spent time with the both of them." i replied and looked at my phone to see her response.

"I'm going to ask Annalise first and if she likes the idea, then we're both going." she said. Then i just gave her a nod before we both bid our goodbyes.

It's Thursday and today is the day that i'll be going to my grandma and grandpa's house. I'm going to spend my summer there alone since Annalise and Emmeline both decided that they are going to be spending there summer at Portugal with their cousins and grandparents.

"Taleen make sure that you're going to remember everything that we. Don't be a pain in your grandma and grandpa's head okay?" my mom told me while helping me and my dad to put my bags inside the car's compartment.

"Yes mom. I know what i'm doing." i replied. Then we hugged.

"Call us every night and if you ever need something okay?" my father reminded me again for the sixth time since this morning.

"Yes dad. Goodbye guys, i'll keep myself out of trouble." Then we hugged again then we bid our goodbyes.

All i did was to sleep on the way to my grandparents' house. It took us hours before we arrived there specially because it was traffic.

When we arrived, i saw my grandparents' at the gate. When i got out of the car they quickly gave me a tight hug.

"Welcome back mija." my grandmother said before hugging me again.

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