Chapter 2

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w o m e n

Hello sir

I'm 16

I'm 15

Help me troll dream
And hack his server
Or kill him


uR on drugs

m a y b e
Okay but like what do U
want me to doooo

Okay so ur gonna get on
ur Minecraft
U have one right??


So ur gonna get on Minecraft
and urbgonna get on server
and we're gonna ambush

That seems logical?


Here's my Minecraft name
And discord


((not real))

Y/n logged into her Minecraft account, when she got a call on discord from the tommy kid.
"Hello?" A British voice asked.
"Hey!" The American girl replied.
"Okay I'm about to go live, here's the link to the Minecraft shit!" The male said as he started the stream the hike started to giggle.
"Hello losers and welcome back to my stream! I'm here with dreams little sister, y/n...wait that's your name right?" The male asked in a confused tone. He really hoped he didn't get it wrong so he wouldn't get made fun of on stream.
"Yepp that's right! Also I'm joining!" The girl said as she got onto the server. She checked who was online, it was only her, tommy, dream and sapnap.
'Hi ball Sak and dream' y/n typed into the chat.
"Y/N, WHY ARE YOU IN MY MINECRAFT SERVER?" Dream Yelled. He tried to open his sisters door, but she locked it.
The girl ran into her brothers Minecraft house, stole a bunch of armor and a sword called [not penis] and started to go mad crazy.
Tommy and y/n started to ambush dream and dream, was actually having a really hard time.
"Aye aye aye! I think we're gonna actually kill him!" Tommy Yelled right before he got the last hit and killed dream. "OH MY GOD WE- I DID IT!" Tommy screamed.
That's when y/n pointed her crossbow at tommy character and killed him.
"WHAT THE HELL?" Tommy Yelled.
"I'm stealing your stuff bitch!" Y/n said as she picked up his stuff, and the left the game, then left the call.

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