*Matthew's POV*

"What-what the hell?" She asked. Her eyes grew full of panic and terror. I covered my face with my hands and sat down. There's barely anyone around the area we're at, thankfully. "I know. They're ugly. I'm ugly." I sighed. She sat down next to me. "Oh Matthew. Is that what you thought I meant?" She asked apologetic. When she looked at these scars, it made me crumple inside. Her eyes were full of terror. Well, not terror now I know. No one had ever seen them, besides my best friend Shawn. "Matthew, who did this?" Charlotte asked as I put the bad memories in the back of my mind. I took a deep breath and sighed. Well, I have to tell her now. "Do you wanna know why you have to keep us meeting each other secret? My parents. If my parents found out about you, they'd loose their mind and come after you. Hurt you. Like they've hurt me. All these scars are claw marks, whip marks, and slaps. They're so ugly. I'm so worthless." Im a man, and I'm not gonna cry. Especially in front of her. Charlotte put her hand on my back that made me flinch. "They're not ugly. They're beautiful. Think of it as a sign that you can make it." She assured me. I looked at her and she gave me a sad smile. I took her hand and she intertwined her fingers with mine. Charlotte was looking out into a blank space, which gave me the perfect opportunity to just stare at her and grin. She's so, so beautiful and she doesn't even know it. Her dark brown hair that barely falls to her shoulders, those hazel eyes that you just wanna fall in. And let's not forget, she's short. A type of short that's just adorable. If I were to ever kiss her, which will never happen because I'm not her type, she'd have to go on her tip-toes or I'd have to lift her. "Hey let's take a walk." I offered. She fluttered her eyelashes as I stood up. I lifted her with my arm, and we began to walk.

Sorry this is kinda short😁 let me know how it is!

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