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(Stomach pains suck Dick)


''Hey stupid! where are you? i have a gift for you!'' I heard my father say his words slurried together from drinking so much.

I whimpered under the bed hiding from him. 'hes going to find me! someone please help me!' i pleaded in my head hoping someone will hear my telapathy.

"Oh so your trying to call for help? No one can hear you Stupid!" He slurred again bumping into things in the hallway.
I tried my hardest to stay quiet, to not be harmed in the next hour. But it didn't work, it only made things worse. He kept calling me moving closer to my room each time. I moved hiding places and hid in my closet locking the door from the inside. I don't want this anymore I want a happy life!
I awoke with a start, sweat going down my back.
"A bad dream. Its okay Lindsey I'm right here, you don't need to be scared anymore." Jon whispered in my ear, I realized that I was on his lap staring off into space, shaking, and for the first time in forever (XD) I cried my heart out. Having held in my tears from everyone I just let it go (yes again in one sentence). The flashback kept playing over and over in my brain making me whimper as the tears dampened Jon shirt. After an hour my tears stopped and I was whimpering. Jon was whispering soothing words to me and I slowly fell asleep in Jon's arm.

Jon Pov
Everyone in the house must have fallen asleep because it wasn't loud In The house. I realized that Emile was snuggled in my chest breathing softly. I smiled, a light blush spreading on my cheeks and placed my hand to his head and frowned. He was burning up more since last I checked. I got up and walked out of the room towards the kitchen, I stopped when I was by Lindsey room. I slowly opened the door to see her shaking.

"No don't touch me Leave me alone!!" She yelled, placing her hands over her head.
"Shit" I ran over to her and grabbed her setting her on my lap. I slowly started rocking her and whisper words to her. She soon woke up fear showing on her face. After a little bit she broke down, Crying into my shirt. I comfort her getting her to calm down and soon fall asleep again. I felt my eye lids get heavy and I moved Over to Lindsey bed. I placed her down and payed down in the bed with her. I fell asleep my arms around Lindsey to protect her.
Hi and yes I'm making Chugga and Jon a couple deal with it

Chugga: Come here Jon, You know you wanna *holds out hands to hug Jon*
Jon: Um Dezi I don't feel safe anymore.
Deal with it Jon!
Byeeeee my kittens ^3^

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