Chp. 3

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We all got in the Car getting ready to go to the gym, Alexis Brought Tyler James and Randy with us. They argued for bit about who got shotgun, i just stood and laughed .

They finally got it together and stopped arguing so James got the Passenger seat and Tyler Randy Trayvon and I Sat In The Back. It was Really quiet, for a second i thought this was kind of wierd, I thought they would be going crazy .

We got closer to the Lincoln Gym. " Hey James can you put on the radio, put on 99.9, Thank You" I Said. Most of the time i think James is a very cool person his very muscular, he looks alot like ronnie on Jersey Shore.

He did as i said and One Direction came on I really love thier songs and I hoped he thinked the same about me. I thought about him the whole way.

We got there around 4:00 and it usually closes at 7:30. We went inside and The place looks alot like a Normal YMCA .

We got up stairs and James went straight to the Wieghts, Thats exactly what i thought he would go to. Last week he lifted a 300 pound cap barbell, I thought it was really cool

Trayvon and the rest of the boys went and Grabed basketballs and started shooting some hoops, Like always.

I watched them for a second and then went and grabed a basketball my self. We heard the gym door  open and Averi walked in, She's my bestfriend and we hang out but this was the first time we actually met eachother at a place with out scheduling it.

"OMG Brittany!" Averi Yelled. She is Also a very good basketball player she plays varsity for junior high. Its the girls basketball season right now and she is usually busy playing basketball.

"Hey whatsup" I said looking at her suprised.

"Nothing girl, just you know basketball like always, Im so tired I came down here because i was bored At home" She said looking kind of tired.

" Well did you go to that party yesterday" I asked.

" Yeah it was alright not my type, haha, but yeah it was okay" She said looking at Alexis and the boys  playing basketball.

"Aye you know what would be cool!, Me going to beat them in Basketball!"

"Haha good luck!" i said as i watched her walk away, she turned around and smiled.


When we got back Home I went and Hopped In the shower, even though i knew i was watching most of the time, but i hate sweat.


I got out of the shower and went into my room I got out my laptop and decided to get on twitter, because i was really bored.

I got on and i went to the tweets I clicked on trayvons page and there was a tweet on his was, It said he tweeted 5 minutes ago.

I checked out the tweet and it said, Trayvons Tweet: Hanged Out with the most amazing people especially one of them :D.

I read it again,again, and again My heart was Thumping, "Omg!" I screamed out.

I was so happy, I heard the shower turn off and alexis rushed in. "what?" he said looking terrified.

"Nothing just...nothing" I said still smiling. He came over tappped me in the head and Smiled.

He walked back to the shower, with a wet towel, I then started to giggle. I love that he is so concerned about me. I turned off my laptop, and headed down the stairs for dinner.

As i walked in the kitchen my Parents were making out, I whistled, they turned around and looked at me. "Oh, dinner is ready hun" He said cheesing. I giggled, they then looked at eachother, I always thought my parents were a cute couple, they cared so much about us and themselves.

 We had macroni and cheese, stake, and fried chicken for dinner Alexis down stairs for dinnier."Hey Mom and dad were smooching" I whispered to him, he started laughing.

After dinner it was Alexis turn to wash the dishes. I went back upstairs opened my laptop and got on twitter then tweeted : Had an Amazing Day With amazing friends expecially with one :D"

I went to sleep and Smiled just as i posted

Authors note: One Direction >>>>>>>>^^^^^

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