Chapter 8

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No. No! Why? She can't come to visit! She smushes me into tight dresses and heels and hates me! She hates me! She hates me and Tamaki and my mother! She's crazy!
She's an evil person and I really don't like her.
To get my upset mind off of Grandmother, I decided to call Takashi.
"Hello?" Honeys voice chimed in the phone.
"Hi Honey! It's Ollie!"
"OLLLLLIIIIEEEE!!!! What's u-" the small lolita was cut off by someone else stealing the phone.
"Oliver. How are you?" Takashi's deep voice rang through the phone. I love his voice. so pretty and silky and deep and yaaaassssss. i fangirl over it sometimes......
"I-I'm fine. how are yo-"
"No you're not. you sound upset. What's wrong?" I was stunned. how did he know?
"My grandmother is visiting...." I whispered softly.
"Are you okay? Is she there?"
"No... Not yet... She's upset that I'm here and not in America. I think she's planning on taking me back." my voice was still small and timid as I spoke into the phone.
"We won't let her do that, okay? You're our friend. and maybe you'd like to be my girlfriend?" I squealed really really loud and then said, "I mean, yeah, sure whatever." He chuckled lightly at this and said, "Great. I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye Olive."
"Bye Takashi!!"
He hung up and I screamed. REALLY loud.
Loud enough that Tamaki rushes into my room looking panicked and concerned.
"HE ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!" Tamato and I ran around my room stealing and jumping and laughing. until, that is, we got tired and flopped onto the bed.
"That's really great Ollie. I'm happy for you! I know he won't ever hurt you."
"Thanks Tamato. you're really great. do you like Haruhi? Or kyouya?"
"What? N-Neither! Haruhi is like my daughter! And Kyouya is my best friend!"
"Oh. at first I thought you liked Kyouya but then you were so cute and happy around Haruhi.... I like her a lot. I hope we can be friends. I want to be friends with everyone in the host club! Even those shady twins!!"
He smiled at me, and we fell asleep in my bed. it was a long day.

~Timeskip brought to you by: OLLIE!!!! Hiiii~~

I woke up the next morning being splashed by water.
"Wake up you nasty children."
Tamaki was gone, and the only person there was Grandmother.
"Grandmother. Hello to you too."
"Tch. filthy brats. no breakfast this morning, you're getting fat."
I was? Huh, oh well.
"And put these in your shoes. it will help your awful posture." yeah well I guarantee that my posture isn't as awful as you, ya old hag.
I got up and got ready for school, with grandmother always on my case about everything. I was miserable. this was horrible.
"Go to school child. and don't come back until you've actually learned something!" She slapped my arm with a piece of wood, it was definitely going to bruise. It's okay though. Tamaki hadn't received any harm this morning, and ate breakfast. That's good enough for me.

Whatever the hell she put in my shoes was driving me insane. I couldn't take it much longer. during maths I ran to the bathroom and took my shoes off, only to find my feet bleeding and bruised. so I slipped my shoes back on and carried on.

During lunch though, Takashi saw the severe bruising on my arm from this morning.
"Oliver. what happened. and why are you walking weird?"
I really didn't want to answer that. i would be fine.
"It's nothing I'm totally fine. and I'm not walking weird. I'm just, uh.... I'm fine." I honestly didn't sound very convincing, and now the whole host club were staring at me. except Tamaki.
"She took the bearings for me...." he whispered softly. goddammit Tamato why can't you shut up sometimes!
"Beatings?" Haruhi asked and turned her head to the side.
"Did your Grandmother do this Oliver?" Takashi looked upset. actually, everyone did.
"Hey guys! Don't be upset! I'm totally fine! Don't you think I'm used to this by now? It's totally, 100% okay. seriously."
suddenly the bell for next class rang. everyone looked reluctant to leave but they did. saved by the bell.
I avoided Takashi and Honey the rest of the day. it was easier because Tamaki and I weren't able to go to The Host Club after school because of Grandmother.

When we got home the first thing that happened was a blur. grandmother almost hit my brother. I couldn't have that. so in the spur of the moment I jumped in front of him. he was supposed to get hit on the arm, but because of our considerable height difference, I was roughly smacked across the face with the piece of wood.
Then the screaming started. and the insults. I dealt with it and blocked it all out until one comment in particular, "You worthless child! No wonder the Protection Program sent you off! You're so stupid! This is why you have no friends! This is why everyone was so happy when your father finally shipped you off!" That was my last straw. I couldn't take this anymore.
I ran to my room, furiously crying and screaming. she had no right to do this to anyone.
I trembled in bed and cried and cried. why? Why did she have to come here? Why does she hat-
"You pathetic child! Stop crying! You're so weak!" She was in my room now. And so was Tamaki. thank god for him. That vile old woman was pushed out of the way by an angry Tamato carrying a crying Ollie.
"Kyouya? Meet me at the park. Bring the rest of the host club. and bandages. thanks." he hung up and speed-walked to the park. I continued to cry. that awful lady. awful awful awful.
By the time we got there, I was still crying and there was an anxious host club standing in the middle of the park.
When they saw us I was picked out of Tamaki's arms and into someone elses.
"What happened?!" Everyone was shouting and yelling at us. I just cried harder.
"That VILE old lady!! I hate her I hate her I hate her! S-She tried to h-hurt him! She tried to hurt my brother! I-I couldn't let her! And then she was screaming at me...." My yells of fury and anger quieted into a horrified whisper.
"She started saying all these things... about how nobody loved me and everyone was better of when I was gone... she told me I had no friends because I'm stupid and worthless and pathetic. I guess she's right...." I hadn't realized that Takashi was holding me tighter, and Haruhi was comforting my brother.
"Oliver, we should probably bandage you up." Kyouya took out his medical breifcase and bandaged my head.
"Tamaki? I don't want to go back. Do we have to?" My voice cracked and I wiped the oncoming tears away from my eyes.
"Yes Ol-"
"You can stay with us!" Honey jumped on my shoulders and smiled. "it'll be like one giant sleepover!! The whole club should come over!!" Takashi nodded his head vigorously.
"I'm in." Kyouya said and pushed up his glasses.
"Me too!" Haruhi smiled at me.
"We're in!" The twins yelled at the same time.
"Yaaaayyyy!!!!! Sleepover!" Honey danced around the park. i would've, but I still felt weak from earlier.
This was going to be fun.

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