Chapter 38: Revelations

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Before you read, I feel I should explain that this chapter is meant to be quick-paced. It created it as if there's a sense of urgency which, seeing as what's to come and what has happened, there is. Also, for all of you Jagger fans, he's in the entire chapter! So please read and enjoy!

Jagger was eating when he heard the screams. He groaned, standing up.

"Don't go," his breakfast pouted, and he gave her a glance.

Blood dripped down the side of her neck and he licked his lips. She wasn't the best he'd ever had but she was the only one who was desperate enough and he was feeling lazy.

"Duty calls," he cleaned his chin. "Just uh, throw a scarf on and call it a day."

She scoffed, "It's a hundred degrees outside!"

"I never said you had to wear anything else," he stated matter-of-factly and then he was out the door.

With fresh blood coursing through him, he sped through the town like a blur.


Leanna's voice carried through the air and his eyes widened. He forced himself to move faster, dodging branches and jumping over fallen trees. It took him five minutes to reach the pack house and when he burst through the front door, he was hit with the smell of blood. He nearly choked on the bitterness of it and followed it to the kitchen.

Phoenix was on his knees, doubled over and gasping. Blood dribbled down his chin and shirt as he choked, clawing at his throat.

"Blowjob from hell, huh?" Jagger joked but rushed over to him, grabbing a roll of napkins.


Jagger shrugged, "Now's not really an appropriate time."

"!" He spat out, coughing.

"I'm not just gonna let you die. I'm not an asshole!" He muttered and sliced a line down his wrist.

He bled slowly, and he moved it to Phoenix's mouth, "Drink."

Phoenix gave him a murderous glare, "GO!"

"Jeez," he stood up, the cut healing. "Such a man."

Then he zipped to Leanna, his eyes landing on Sophie. Her skin was heavily burned, and she was sobbing in pain.

"She's not healing!" The Luna cried, cradling the girl.

His nonchalant demeanor quickly disappeared, and concern clouded his eyes. He knelt by Sophie, slowly grabbing her from Leanna's arms. The girl screamed from the movement, her eyes red.

"A-Am I d-dying?' She wept, looking up at him.

"Not any time soon, sweetheart," he assured her, then he bit into his wrist, pressing it against her lips.

She hesitated before slowly beginning to drink. His blood was seductive and smooth, and she let out a moan, drinking deeper. Her body relaxed in his arms, the burns, and sores healing before their eyes. When she was fully recovered, he removed his arm and she gave him a small smile, her eyes closing.

Leanna let out a shaky breath and sat back, rubbing her head.

"Thank you," she murmured quietly.

Jagger gave her a cheeky smile, "Just your friendly neighborhood vampire."

He set Sophie on the bed and sat beside Leanna, the two sitting in silence for a moment.

"So uh, are you just going to let your guy choke to death or...?"

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