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it was a late winter night

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it was a late winter night

Lenore stared at the bush of white roses ( which blooms only once a year on the eve of the full moon ) that stood at the edge of the forest, admiring its beautiful face.

the priestess thought about the quarrel with her husband that had seemed common lately. it was about their daughter; Nimue, who had an accident where her back was adorned with terrifying claw marks ( given by a dark god in the form of a bear )
and the power to control the lives
of nearby plants.

this power caused the villagers,
like Johan himself, to fear her
and consider her a witch,
which, according to the woman,
is unthinkable, because it is
not her daughter's fault for
who she was born and
what happened to her in life.

her thoughts were interrupted by a blood-curdling scream coming just from the depths of the forest.
leaping to her feet, she ran, concentrating all her strength to get to the place as quickly as possible.

what she saw there shocked her so much that she was not sure if her heart stopped or on the contrary; killed with redoubled strength.

there, a few meters above the ground, there was a girl who might be the age of her beloved Nimue.
realizing something, she stopped
as if petrified.

around beauty, the gray-haired child not only rose from leaves and branches, but also a black,
strange-looking substance circled all around her tiny bodies.

it took a moment for Lenore to realize that this strange-looking substance was not a substance at all, but the blood of a white-haired girl.

to this day, no one really saw where and why on that cold winter night
in the middle of the forest
an unconscious girl with
an unusual blood color and
amazing abilities was found.

that day a mysterious girl appeared
in the village of Dewdenn, who
knew little that she would do the
impossible in the future.

the taming of the devil himself.

author's note:
aaaaaaa !!! i finally published it, i honestly didn't intend to publish it, because in my opinion this hostoria is not the best and is still in the process of being written and i only have these two chapters written, so i don't want to disappoint anyone if the update is not every two or three days ( because it i plan to do ) although there may be an exception and the next chapter will come right after the previous one, but it may also happen that the chapter will not be longer than three days for which i plow in advance.

but i know for sure that the next chapter will appear only on tuesday, maybe wednesday or monday, because im going to my aunt for a family barbecue for the weekend, so i will not be able to write chapters then

im sorry

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