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The bell rings softly, telling me it's time for lunch.

I push away from my desk, rolling back on my wheeled chair. I can't get away from the computer fast enough.

I head down the stairs to the canteen, getting in line with the others. It's a casual office: we all wear polo-necks, though there are several different logos in there. We work in a big office block shared by many different companies.

I eye up the logos as I wait for my food, brainstorming. No, I tell myself. You're on your break. Leave it.

But I'm struggling with a design for a client, and when I stop in the middle of a project, I get antsy.

It's hard to get roses to work well in a logo.

I collect my BLT and find a table beside the window, where I can sit and think.

"Hi," a soft voice says.

She sits opposite me, flicking her dark hair aside and pushing her glasses up her button nose. She shuffles in her seat.

"Hi," I say. "I'm sorry, but I'm kind of distracted. I won't be good company right now."

"Oh, I know," she says, struggling to meet my eye. I've seen her before, we've made eye contact several times, but never really spoken. She works across the office from me, so when we sit at our computers, we awkwardly catch each other's eye a little too often. "You've been twitchy all day. Is it this project?"

"It is," I say. "I've never been good with roses," I say with a little laugh.

She smiles. "Weren't taught how to draw flowers at college?"

"No," I say. "I was too busy drawing guns and street scenes, but it turns out not many people want those in their logos."

She laughs this time. Then she pulls a piece of paper out of her bag. "I don't want to upstage you or anything, but I like to draw roses." She places the paper between us. "Maybe this will work?"

There's a single word in the centre, two rose heads either side of it. Their petals are red and soft. Their green stems wrap between the letters, tangling together at the bottom.

The word is "Dinner?"

"It's a little... 80s rock band, isn't it?" I say with a smile.

Her cheeks flush. "I thought they might like it."

"I think they will."

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