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"Now when Jimin is back, what will you do?" Daisy asked, eyeing me curiously as I walked all around the room, not begin able to sit down

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"Now when Jimin is back, what will you do?" Daisy asked, eyeing me curiously as I walked all around the room, not begin able to sit down.

"Make him mine," I answered boldly, gazing at his picture I took at the beach. Daisy sighed, seeing how I wiggled my feet exited like a dog.

"Good luck." She said sarcastically, snorting at my words. I gave her death glare, and she shrugged it off like I wasn't really that scary.

"What do you mean by that?!" I snapped not liking the way she sounded.

"Let's be real Sophie. Why would Jimin who dated your older sister, end up with you after she dumped him curtly?" She asked, remembering me of this awful two years of their fucking. I took a deep breath, and slowly let myself feel calmness overtake my body.

"Because I'm better than her."

"Yeah? Says who?" She lifted at me with doubt an eyebrow, daring me to say more.

"Every boy I hooked up with, is who in old times fucked Blair too," I answered proudly, still remember each and every single word they said.

"Sophie, you threatened them." She sighed helplessly.

"Not true," I argued back.

"Uhum~ Not like one of them woke up with fake knife on their throat, as you demanded from him to hear those words." She reminded me, looking at me proudly as if she was making fun of me. I rolled my eyes annoyed and sighed loudly.

"Still I got, what I wanted." I sat down beside her and glanced at her phone. Daisy was looking at a picture of her crush. I chuckled at her obvious feelings.

"I heard he found a girlfriend." Daisy sighs sadly, looking at the picture of the wench who is having Jeongguk for herself. I put down her phone, smiling at her slyly.

"Babe in this world, there is no man who won't cheat on his girlfriend."


Sophie has an obsession, which is: Park Jimin. Her older friend who with his younger brother were all living in Sophie's life. She has a complexion: her older sister. Maturing in hot, seductive, and attractive woman Sophie is ready to get back was taken from her. By any means, she is going show Jimin what he missed, and she takes no options in, only that he will, in the end, be hers. She will do anything to prove to her friend that in this world there is no man who will not cheat on his girl. What will Jimin, and Jeongguk do when they will find themselves as prey, and their hunters are really thirsty for blood?


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Read Furciferous Are you like Sophie knowing that you want, and going to do anything to get it? Or are you like Daisy dreaming about a boy, but too scared to do anything to be with him? Find yourself lost in a story about hot, scandalous loves, were only secrets, and betrayals are juicier.


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