Part 2

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The beautiful decorated room and gorgeous Sana with all glory siting in the center of the bed . The shine and glow on her face show her happiness. But she doesn't know that it's not long lasting.
The door open and shut with loud sound making her shiver . She was delicate princess of her parents but now she is going to experience hell.,.....
Sid directly goes to washroom change his dress and come out wearing night suit.
Sid smirk when she saw his wife in his bed .
Sid: wifey I you don't mind then plz sleep in balcony actually I have a guest for tonight soo she is on the way so move .....
Sana : huhhh..... she was shocked, surprised, hurt more than that she is not believing what she just heard
Sid: you don't understand what I meant ?
Sana : aaa .. no
Sid : so in simple word I book a women come whore for tonight make out session ( he said with a smirk)
Sana was all blank is this a nightmare... no but why he is doing this
Sana get up from the bed she is not in the position to cry because she can't she was numb .
She heard knock at the room
Sid : I think she is here . Go to the balcony
Sana: but I have to change
Sid: do what I said
A girl with sexy out fit came and just cling to Sid
Sana eyes filled with tears she move to balcony . It was December night . Chilled weather make her shiver .
Sid come and throw a quilt to her
She saw him but he just move back and shut the door.

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