Chapter 11

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A few days later, Weichi was hanging out with the girls while the boys were out training. Weichi was listening to music as she played her guitar, but she didn't notice that it was raining outside until Lu Xia bursted into their room with Ying in his arms. Weichi ushered him to place Ying in the bathroom and to get her a new set of clothes and a towel. 

Weichi quickly locked the door, calling for Xing Zi to bring Ying's clothes and a set of undergarments. She began helping Ying bathe since Ying was really weak and sick. Once Ying was done bathing, Weichi heard a knock at the door. 

"Who is it?" Weichi asked. 

"It's me, Xing Zi! I got her clothes," she answered. Weichi opened the door and switched with Xing Zi so that Xing Zi could help with changing Ying. Weichi let out a fustrated sigh. 

'How did Ying get this sick!' Weichi thought to herself. Ying finally came out of the bathroom and Coach Qi came in, using a thermometer to check her tempurature. Hearing the temperature made Weichi even more agitated. She didn't notice that Ying had left to bring Lu Xia and Mu umbrellas, if she knew this was going to happen she would have stopped Ying. 

Siyang came into the room, knocking as he did. Weichi snapped out of her thoughts before smiling at her brother. "Hey Siyang," Weichi greeted. 

"How's Ying?" he asked. 

"Not good. Oh! Get Huang Jing, he's sick too so I'll take them to the hospital for recovery," Coach Qi said. Siyang agreed and said that he'd watch the team. Xing Zi agreed and said that she'd go too since her brother was with the Yu Feng tennis regulars. 

Weichi was told to go hang out with the boys for now. Weichi changed into a pair of pajamas before making her way to the boys of Yu Qing. When she got there, she heard a lot of ruckus. She entered the room and wasn't expecting to be attacked. She was hit with the pillows, but wasn't too happy after. She constantly was protesting against it, but they didn't care. 

Weichi wasn't too happy so she went back down to grab hr guitar and fix her messed up braid. When she got back to the room, she silently went to the corner and began playing her guitar as she let out her fustrations onto the chords. 

When the rest of the boys joined, Lu Xia asked if she was okay, and she wasn't. Poor boy though. Weichi was angry and thought that Lu Xia was one of the other boys so she snapped at him. Siyang noticed his sister's unpleasant aura and asked what they did to her. Fearing what their captain might do to them, they said nothing. 

Weichi on the other hand wasn't going to stay silent so she snitched ont hem, "They hit me with pillows and messed up my braid. I couldn't get out even if I was telling them off." Siyang sent them glares and they apologized, practically begging for Weichi's forgiveness. Dachi knew that Weichi was very stubborn and it took a lot of begging to get her to fogive them. For those who didn't hit her much, she forgave, but the others like Jiale and Dachi, she didn't falter much. Even if Jiale gave her poutful eyes, she didn't give in. 

After a while of playing, she scooted over towards Dachi and laid on him, eventually falling asleep on his shoulder. She had no idea though that they were going to wake up early to see the sun rise. 

Thing about this was that she wasn't expecting it to be cold so she had worn a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Noticing that his sister was getting cold, Siyang hugged her, giving her somewhat a bit of body heat. 

Not seeing this kind of thing from Siyang affected the team's reaction. Seeing as this might be new to the team, she notices that they were very surprised at his gesture.  

She felt something being drapped over her shoulders and she looked up to see that it was...

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