Chapter 10

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Weichi held out a light blue guitar that looked similar to the design of Siyang's racquet. SIyang sighed as he took the guitar, playing it to find and fix the tuning since he hasn't played in a while. Siyang playing the guitar was a shocking revelation, even for Zhuo Zhi! 

"C-Captain can play the g-guitar!" Qiao Chen spluttered. Weichi looked to Qiao Chen, who looked completely baffled. She giggled at his reaction, but gave him a slight nod. 

"He's able to play fairly decently. Not as good as me, but close enough!" Weichi said, giggling even more at the slight glare her brother was giving her. 

"Sing! Sing! Sing!" Qiao Chen started chanting. Soon the others started chanting as well, Siyang getting enough. 

"Alright! Alright! Alright!" Siyang sighed. He then started playing with Weichi joining in not long after. Then they began singing... 

After singing, Weichi was startled, but both Yu QIng and Yu Feng tennis players all clapped happily. Weichi smiled and hugged her brother, Siyang petting her in return. They enjoyed the dinner and since Weichi wasn't hungry, she sat down quietly and was playing simple songs as background music. When someone would ask if she was hungry or to eat something, she'd reject the food, saying that she ate already so she was just doing her own thing. 

After dinner, Weichi gave Siyang her guitar, telling everyone that she was going to steal Dayong for a bit and that he'll be back in a bit. She then took dachi's hand, pulling him with her to where ever it was that she was heading to. 

Honestly, she was just wanting to talk with Dachi alone on a walk or something, an d it seemed like Dachi didn't mind. He let her pull him around, talking with her as they walked around. Soon enough they rounded back to the resort, so he told her a small good night before going to the room with the other Yu Qing tennis players, including her bother... 

She then went back to her room that she shared with Xing Zi. Changing into a simple pair of pajamas, she got under the comforters with Xing Zi, mumbling a small 'good night' before falling asleep. She then closed her eyes to let her body fall into a peaceful abyss... 

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