Part 1

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There is hustle bustle in the mansion of a billionaire name Sidhart shukla.......
Sid Ma: beta where are you going
Sid: office ma
Sid ma : but today is your marriage na so stay at home
Sid: I have an important meeting so bye
Sid mom: uffff yr kia bna ga as ka
Sana get up bacha you are getting late you have to visit parlor naaa
Sana: hmmm bas uth rahiii hui
Sana is obedient child she is only daughter with 2 brothers. She is like a fragile doll. Innocence and beauty start and end on her . She is very pure . She is jaaaan of her family. Her parents and brother loves her madly and Sana never took advantage of their love she loves to pamper from their family she is only 22 when Rita Shukla saw her and tell her parents that's she want Sana for her son Sidhart shukla whose age was 32 . He was successful so her parents said yes .
After 2 years of their engagement now it's time of their marriage. Sidhart is not at all interested in this marriage whereas Sana is happy in her parents happiness. She always a bright student and want to become artist. Her happiness or sadness reflects through her paintings she made. Like ever girls she has some dreams for married life. She want respect, love and care from his life partner.
But what if all her dreams shattered in to zillions pieces......
And if her life changed drastically .....

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