Chapter 9

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Weichi turned around to see a drunkard. She turned her head left and right to see if anyone else was around. She saw no one so she pointed at herself, saying, "Me?" 

"What do you think little girl?" the drunkard slurred out. She tried to walk away, saying a polite no, but the man didn't let go so easily. 

"Where do you think you're going pretty grl?" the guy asked creepily. Weichi was officially scared, so she tried pulling out of his grip, screaming for help as she did. 

"Shut up you bitch!" he yelled, slapping her with his other hand. She fell to the floor, continuing to scream. She ignored his screaming and the pain that lingered on her cheek. 

She could barely make out a guy's figure in the distance, so she yelled eve louded, crying her eyes out as the guy holding her started to beat her. It seems like the guy in the distance saw this because he then ran to her, helping her. 

"Leave this girl alone," the guy ordered fiercefully. The drunkard got scared, scrambling to his feet. 

"F-FIne," He whimpered. He then turned to Weichi, "You'll be sorry for this! I'll get you next time." Karma got him though, as a policeman just happened to pass by and arrested him. 

"T-thank you um..." Weichi started. She just noticed that she didn't know the name of her hero, but he chuckled shaking his head. 

"Zu Ziping," He greeted. Weichi's eyes widened in realization, remembering that her brother had invited Yu Feng's tennis team. 

"Yu Feng's captain!" Weichi exclaimed. Ziping's eyes seemed to widen at the sudden acknowledgment, but he nodded. 

"How'd you know?" He asked. 

"M-my brother," Weichi answered, her face flushed in embarassment. 

"Who might your brother be?" he asked. 

"Mu Siyang," Weichi smiled. Ziping nodded, grabbing her wrist. 

"Let's go back to the tennis resort. Your brother is probably worried," Ziping ushered. Weichi nodded, following him. 

He brought Weichi back to find that the team was extremely nervous and freaking out. Lu Xia noticed that Ziping was with her and pointed it out. 

Siyang asked, "what happened." 

Weichi explained her part of the story, from when she left Siyang to the point of when she was being beat by the drunk man, before Ziping explains his side of the story, saying that he was patroling to see if there was any dangers or such for the practice training when he saw Weichi to how the man got arrested. 

Siyang thanked him and ordered Weichi to stick with one fo the members or with Xingzi (Zu Ziping's sister) at all times now. 

Ying came along, but the thing is that she has to room with Lu Xia since there wasn't enough room for 3 girls on the bed, but Siyang didn't trust the boys with Weichi. 

Weichi giggled at her brother's overprotectiveness, but agreed. While the boys got settled and Ying was with Lu Xia, Weichi was helping out with the cooking and such, but she had another thing that she wanted to do as well. After setting dinner on the table, she went into her room to grab 2 guitars. She walked out the room, confusing the tennis players of what was in her hands. She then walked up to her brother, a small pleading look on her face. 

"Bro, can you play with me~" 

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