Chapter 8

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Few Weeks Later...

Weichi was walking around for a bit, when she spotted Dachi at the park. 

"Dachi!" She called out. He turned to see who was calling him, when she saw Weichi in the distance. He waved and walked over to her. 

"Hey Weichi! What's going on?" He asked. 

"Nothing much. Say, are you doing any competitions?" Weichi asked. Dachi nodded, smiling at the younger girl. 

"Where is it?" She asked. 

"It's at ****** ****** Park. Why?" He stated. 

"Well, I'm going to go watch the match!" She exclaimed. He smiled and nodded. 

"Well, it's in 2 months time so you'll have to wait until then to see me in a match," Dachi said.
Weichi knew what her brother was planning, but decided not to mention it. SHe then hung out with Dachi for the rest of the day. 

Few Days Later... 

Weichi knew of her brother's plans and she knew the outcome. She noticed her brother wearing a white T-Shirt rather than his usual uniform. She went to hang out with Dachi the next day, and she then noticed soemthing off about him. 

"Waht's wrong?" She asked. 

"Oh. Um... I lost my uniform to Yu Feng, and now I hvae to go get it back, but the thing is that I haven't been able to do so well, and that's because I wasn't working with Jiale that well. I just hope we can do better," Dachi explained. She knew about the fact that they lost their uniforms, but the fact that he and Jiale aren't working well together makes her nervous. 

"Well, I have a small surprise, but I'll show you after you come back okay?" Weichi smiled. 

"Okay..." Dachi agreed. 

When she got home, she noticed that her brotehr wasn't there. He had the punctuality genes from their parents, so it wasn't like him to be late. She ran to her room, and found him in her room. 

"What are you doing~" Weichi asked. She was confused as to why her brother was sitting in her room. 

"I want you to go to the resort with us," Siyang stated. 

"S-Sure, but why?" Weichi asked. She was okay with going, just that she didn't want to go to be a bother. 

"You'll raise the team spirits, and you also need to help with cooking," Siyang explained. She nodded and took her luggage, packing a few things before placing it besides her brothers in the living room. 

"Well, I'll see you in the morning! Night!" SHe siad as she pushed her brother out of her room, closing the door on him. 

At the Tennis Resort...

WHen she got to the resort, the boys weren't there. She and Siyang were confused until Coach came out of the resort. 

"They're having a competition with Yu Feng to see what dinner is for each of them. The losing team gets egg and rice,' She explained before going inside. Siyang nodded towards his sister, and she walked off. She was walking around the area when someone grabbed her wrist... 

"What's a pretty gal doing out here? Sweetheart, would you go on a date with me?"


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