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The sky was dark and cloudy. The rain spread sorrow across the town, glum leaking into every crack of every tree. The crackling of bones sounded throughout the thunderous forest. A faint chanting of words could be heard, but no one could be seen. Thunder cracked across the sky, illuminating scenery.

A man stood tall and lanky, without a trace of hair on his body. The remains of a ripped t-shirt and jeans skidding off his pale skin with the gushing rain. His eyes were completely white a glazed over, his nose receding into his face, and his lips blending into his cheeks. One word uttered from his lips; kill.

Purple muck oozed from his parted lips as he spoke the word. His spine curved forward, his body leaning into the wet muddy ground. His limbs slammed into the ground and then he began to crawl. In the distance, a car horn could be heard.

The town light getting closer and closer as the pale made crawled ever so slowly towards the town filled with people. The unsuspecting people going about their daily lives never noticed when he walked among them, picking people off and tearing into their flesh within the shadows of the alleys. The pale man began to multiply as his victims morphed into creatures much like him. Soon, the town would be nothing more than a ghost town.

A/N(Authors Note):

This Prologue is only supposed to be an attention grabber. That's the reason I added it in. It does tie into the story plot, but don't be alarmed by how short it is. If you enjoyed it, please VOTE and COMMENT!

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