Chapter 7

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While they were running laps and training, Weichi had gone back to her school, making it in time before her free period was over. After finishing classes, she went to the park, knowing that her brother had to do some things for the tennis club he was in. Thinking of ways to pass time, she remembered the guitar that was slung across her chest in the bag. She took it out, admiring the wood-stained pattern on it. She leaned against a tree as she began playing, letting her fingers work like magic. While she was playing, she didn't notice that someone was listening to her song...

Zhuo Zhi had finished practice and was wandering around the park. He heard a soothing melody coming from somewhere, and he began to follow it. He ended up finding Weichi, who was quietly playing the guitar, her fingers gently moving against the strings as she progressed through the piece. He waited until she finished playing to make his presence known, coughing to catch her attention. 

"meep!" Weichi squeaked. She didn't notice him standing there, adn his sudden appearance startled her. 

"You play very well," Zhuo Zhi complimented. Weichi nodded, feeling a bit shy. 

"T-Thanks," She mumbled. Zhuo Zhi repositioned his tennis bag, his jacket showing the Yu QIng insignia. This didn't go unnoticed by Weichi, as she saw it. This made her lift her head, and become more open. 

"Is there something wrong?" He asked. 

"You go to Yu Qing!" Weichi pointed out. 

"I do... what's it to you?" Zhuo Zhi confirmed. 

"Well, my brother goes there! Do you know him?" Weichi asked. 

"Well, what's his name?" Zhuo Zhi asked back. 

"Mu Siyang..." She stated. 

"Wait... you're that girl from practice!" He exclaimed, "What's your name?" 

"Mu Weichi," She greeted. 

"if it's not much to ask, what's your relationship with Dachi?" He asked. 

"Well-" she was about to answer him, when her phone began to ring.. 

"S-Sorry, let me just take this," She excused, as she answered the phone. 

"Yes... Fine... He did?... Oh... Okay... I'll be there soon... Okay, Bye" She answered. Zhuo Zhi stood there, waiting for his answer after her phone call, but he saw a pitiful look in her eyes when she turned back to him. 

"What's wrong?" he asked. 

"Nothing, I just have to go right now. Maybe I'll see you at practice with my brother sometime... I'll be on my way, bye!" She explained, packing up and walking away. 

When she got home, her brother was in the kitchen doing his homework. She hugged him, startling him a little. He turned to face her, putting his homework aside. 

"How was it?" he asked. She tilted her head in confusion. 

"How was it at Yu Qing? Do you like the team?" He rephrased. 

"Oh~ Well, they're... something. I mean, they aren't bad, but I give you props for being able to control them the way you do.." Weichi analyzed, giving him a lopsided smile. 

She then began to ramble on about how awesome she thought his team was. She also mentioned Dachi often, and when she would, he would tease her about it. She would make the excuse of 'he's the only person in your team in which I know the name of' and he would just roll his eyes, saying that she could just describe the person when she talked about them. She also would mention that she wanted to watch a match from his school, and he said that he would take her to one of their preliminary matches. She also mentions that she met someone who knew him, describing him to the best of her abilities. He tells her that is his friend, and his name was Zhuo Zhi. She nodded and asked if he ate dinner. He shook his head, and Weichi just sighed. 

She made them dinner, eating in a comfortable silence, before doing the dishes and leaving to her room. She told Siyang not to stay up late and to go to bed soon. He agreed, and she changed into her pajamas, flopping onto the bed. Pulling the planket over her body, she then fell into a peaceful slumber as she let sleep over take her body. 

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