Chapter 6

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Seeing her brother's introduction of herself made her giggle, as he was much more talkative with her alone or at home. She noticed majority of the players had their mouths open in shock. 

"SISTER!" they shouted in unison. I smiled and bowed. 

"I'm Mu Weichi, Siyang's youngr sister," I introduced. THey looked at me, and noticed the bag I was holding. 

"Do you by chance play tennis?" a tall but soft-looking guy asked. 

"Qiao Chen, can't you see her bag? Of coourse she plays..." a guy with a bandana remarked. Qiao Chen then began fighting with him, but it was stopped by a guy who held a notebook. 

Their attention was brought back to their coach as she began to talk once more. She waited until the meeting was dismissed to greet Dachi. She hugged him, and it surprised the others. 

"I don't play tennis as well as my brother, but I can do basics," Weichi answered. 

"What's that bag on your back then?" the guy wih the notebook asked. 

"It's my guitar, speaking of which; bro I got to go to school. They want me to turn in the composition piece. I'll see you and Dachi later okay. Bring him with you when you pick me up!" Weichi exclaimed as she kissed her brother's cheek before running off. 

Once she left, the boys turned their attention to Dachi. They began showering him with questions. Dachi didn't know what to do, or how to answer anyone's question. Funny enough, it was Jiale who was giving him the most questions. He began to blush at the sudden mention of being Weichi's supposed "boyfriend". Luckily, the captain saved him the awkward talk and did what he did best, order people to do things... 

"Everyone go run 20 laps! Now!" Siyang ordered. Before running the laps, Dachi thanked him mentally and made a small note to himself as to tell Weichi of what happened.

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