character recap

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seems like a lot of people forgot about some characters LOL so here's just a list of the characters and a little blurb about them. it'll be enough to jog your memories, i promise.

hunter jamieson - 17, main character obvi LOL, VERY damaged (like fr homegirl needs therapy she's got terrible luck and even worse judgement), needs a year long nap and a hug

brant harrison - 21, oldest harrison boy, doesn't really appear much bc of school

dean harrison - 19, doesn't appear much of school too

trent harrison - 18, the indecisive one who can never properly place his loyalty with his family or batshit crazy ex

reece harrison - 17, hunter's bf, everyone's fav blond musician

xavier harrison - 17, adopted harrison brother but loved all the same. keeps to himself which is why he isn't mentioned a whole bunch

luca harrison - 17, another adopted harrison brother. xavier's best friend, they're attached at the hip

blake harrison - 16, oldest twin, loves cody more than life itself

cody harrison - 16, youngest twin, gay, would die for blake and hunter

pj harrison - 15, quiet little bean, kinda does his own thing, loves hunter more than he lets on

jake harrison - 14, oldest twin in the second pair, obsessed with taking care of his twin

jack harrison - 14, recovering heroin addict

flynn harrison - 12, adores hunter to no end, sassy little thing

charlie harrison - 4, baby of the family (for now), enjoys legoes and piggy back rides from jaiden

amandla smith - 17, the strong-willed black girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind (but also has emotions don't just put her in the "strong black woman" category) / mom friend of the group

katya hernandez - 17, everyone's favourite latina (will touch base more on her culture later), always wanting to do some dumb shit

priya hunjan - 17, indian goddess, gives super good advice and makes the best paneer

kevin chang - 17, hunter's RIDE OR DIE + everyone's favourite gay asian, fr the bestest best friend everyone needs a kevin

oliver henderson - 17, in love with hunter and wants nothing but the best, hates reece

jaiden henderson - 17, oliver's brother, bad boy of the group who has a soft spot for his brother, hunter, and charlie bc who wouldn't

hanna harrison - 43, cheater cheater pumpkin eater, mama bear, pregnant w baby harrison

liam harrison - 43, the king of the house who deserves better, everyone's fav dad

aaron - 41, hunter's bio dad, a real sweetie, king of dad jokes

lia - 25, hunter's older sister, a real cool gal

isla - 39, hunter's stepmom, another sweetheart, loves hunter like her own even tho they haven't officially met yet

joel - 17, hunter's psycho ex best friend who was in love with her and almost ruined homegirl's life

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