*Charlotte's POV*
I'm laying on my beach towel listening to Ed Sheeran, waiting for Matthew to come. I came about 30 minutes early to get a head start on tanning. There's this habit of mine, biting my nails when I'm nervous, and right now I'm biting my nails so much I think they might bleed. I examine my little stubs of nails. "Totally imperfect and ugly" I thought to myself. I'd never have perfect nails like all other girls should have. Just as I get relaxed again, an unexpected pair of arms pick me up and spin my around. "Aaa-." I cut off my shriek and start laughing. "Matthew! Put me down!" He snickered. And put me down so I could stand up. His eyes went from my feet up until our eyes locked. "Wow." He whispered. I blushed turning away. No one has ever really "admired" my body before. Let's face it, I look 12! I turn back to his direction and smirk. "We're at the beach, so we're gonna have to get in the water.. So... You have to take your shirt off!" I ran in circles around him tugging at his shirt leading him to the water. He laughed saying "stop it!" Almost pulling it off, his eyes grew with terror. "Charlotte no no no-." But the shirt came off before he said no. I gasped and put my hand over my mouth. Scars, up and down his front and back. "What- what the hell?"

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