Introducing, Raditz

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"Goku," Master Roshi began, sweat dripping down his face, "There's something...something your grandfather once told me that I think you should know." The Master delved deep into his memory and recounted what Goku's grandfather once told him. He told the tale of how his Grandpa first found Goku: in a foreign pod that appeared to have come from the sky. Roshi said that Gohan had taken Goku in, raising him as his own, despite Goku's "wild, and downright uncontrollable" nature. He explained that Goku wanted nothing to do with Gohan's caring gestures and continued to resent him. That is, before an accident occurred. Apparently, when Goku was small, he had fallen into a deep ravine and badly injured his head. And ever since then, his personality did a full 180 and he became a happy, loving boy who embraced Gohan's care.

"I'm from outer space?"

"Well that would explain a lot! So you think Goku has some sort of connection to this guy?"

"I wish I knew..."

A beat of silence washed over us, taking in the new information and revelation of Goku not being from this planet. Taking a swift glance over in Gohan's direction, I saw his inquisitive eyes focus on his father. "Daddy's an alien...?" He whispered, no one else but me hearing. I squeezed his hand once more, trying to reassure the boy that nothing is going to happen to Goku.

"Okay. You've got my attention. Now tell us who you are!" Goku demanded. The man wasn't in the mood to "give a history lesson" on his origins, but nevertheless cooperated. "You," referring to Goku, "were born on the planet Vegeta...You are a space fighter, a Saiyan warrior...Just like me."

...Well then...

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Raditz...Your big brother."

WELL THEN! That...took a turn. I must say, they do have a resemblance. Obviously not in the hair, but the face...their faces are almost identical. Looking at Raditz more closely (well, as close as I can), I could see the family features they share.

"What the heck is Goku doing on Earth if he's from another planet?"

"That's simple," Raditz laughed, his dark and malicious tone causing another wave of fear to splash over me. "We sent him here. Kakarot was given specific orders to clear this world of its current inhabitants...A mission which he has failed miserably." You can really feel the familial love in the air. It's truly overwhelming. "You see, we Saiyans are sort of like...Planet brokers. We scour space for planets that will bring a high price on the galactic market. Once we find them, we send out warriors there to purge them of any life and make them ready for sale. It's a very profitable business. And we take great pride at being efficient in our work." I guess money is the root of all evil.

"For example, if we discover a planet with strong inhabitants, we send a team of our adult fighters to wipe them out. But for planets full of weaklings like this one, one of our babies is generally sufficient to carry out the order.'

"If what you say is true," Krillin fiercely shouts,"You Saiyans are just an abomination! You're space pirates! That's what you are!" The lady pulled Gohan and I close to her chest, "How can you send little babies off into space all alone?" But I wasn't concerned with her smothering much. I was watching Goku's reaction. It seemed like he was still absorbing all the information thrown at him. He had just found out he was an alien sent to the Earth to destroy it. And if it wasn't for him hitting his head, that would've happened. All the adventures and relationships he encountered wouldn't have existed. In exchange for a peaceful and loving life, he forgot his origins. When you think about it, it's kind of sad.

"Trust me," Raditz sneered, "they're more than capable of looking after themselves..." His gaze locked onto Gohan and his tail. I gripped Gohan's hand tighter, not trusting Raditz for a second. The evil energy continued to radiate off of him the more the revealed his origins. His potent interest in Gohan was quickly replaced with anger as he brought his attention back to Goku. "Kakarot, you're a disgrace! You could've easily wiped out every living thing on this planet by yourself. If you hadn't forgotten your orders, it would've only taken you a year or two at the most. Especially considering this planet has a nice, big moon."

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