Introducing, Raditz

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I peeked upwards to the sky. Someone was soaring down at incredible speed. His dark energy overwhelmed my senses and it became unbearable to look at him. The man landed on the sandy beach, his intimidating stature emphasized by his uniform. His long, spiky hair cascaded down, stopping just before the cut of his boots. Goku's leg secretly trembled in fear. The man's icy stare did not let up in the slightest. His dark eyes stabbed into my soul as his focus remained on Goku. Quiet beeping emitted from the device resting on his menacing face. Text appeared, giving the man the required information. Finally, after many seconds of silence, he laughed.

"So, we meet again at last...You've grown up."

Everyone was shocked. Did Goku know this man? He said they met before - but when? Goku was more shocked than the rest of us; he had no idea who this fiend was.

"I recognize you, though, Kakarot."


He wickedly smiled, "That's right. That's your name." I know Goku's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm pretty sure he knows his own name. Whoever this is is a real nutcase. Showing up to Goku's reunion and telling him his name is not his name isn't exactly the best way to assert dominance. If anything, it shows that you're not to be taken seriously. But his power...his power proved otherwise.

"What have you been doing here all these years? Your mission was to terminate all life on this planet! Why haven't you carried it out?" Goku stared at the man in utter confusion. Can't say I blame him though, we all were. Everything he was saying did not align with Goku's persona, let alone his history. He's saved the Earth countless times, and never once has he put it in danger.

"Listen, mister," Krillin started, "I don't know who you are, but you've obviously got the wrong guy!" The man only chuckled in response. 'I don't like the feeling of this...' Krillin tried to get the guy off the island, but before he could make any apprehending movements, the man slapped him in the face with his tail that was previously wrapped around his torso. Krillin flew into the face of the house, stuck in the hole his body created. The tail wagged in the air, resembling Gohan's, but more threatening. The evil energy began resurfacing, stronger than before. I held onto Gohan's hand, not wanting to be apart. I pulled him closer, making him hide behind his father's leg as I was. The lady spotted my movements and quickly took the two of us in her arms.

"Kakarot!" Gaining Goku's attention, "You mean to tell me you have no idea who I am?"

"I don't know who this 'Kakarot' person is you're looking for, but I'm not him! My name's Goku!"

Spiky-boy did not like that. He stepped back in bewilderment. He growled, "What happened to you?" Gohan, not liking the ensuing events, broke out of mine and the lady's grasp and latched onto his father once again. Goku tried to get him to stay back, but Gohan refused.

"Tell me," the mysterious man queried, "Did you ever suffer a serious injury to your head when you were young?" Goku was distracted by Gohan and his safety. The question didn't sink in all the way. I wanted to speed this whole thing up and have this monster fly away. I ran with the lady to Gohan's side, yanking him away from Goku. I tightly wrapped my hand around his, "Please, Gohan, stop moving. Your dad doesn't need any distractions."

"Did you hear me?!" The man walked closer, patience growing thin. "Yeah! I don't remember it very well, but you're right, I did hit my head when I was a child. I still have the scar where it happened."

"You stupid fool. You forgot!"

"I forgot what? Tell me!" The atmosphere was filled with desperation, aggression, and impatience. Silence was no longer an acquaintance we encountered only minutes beforehand. The air was tense and a dark cloud loomed over the small island. Despite the beautiful scenery, the current climate of the beach was horrendous.

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