Where's Gohan?!

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Eating breakfast the next morning had similar amounts of fun as the night before with the four of us telling jokes and reminiscing on the games we played last night. That is, before Chi-Chi brought up the elephant in the room: Me.

"So, Goku and I were talking last night..." Swallowing my eggs, I prepared for her to say that I had to leave after breakfast. Last night when Gohan was preparing for bed, Chi-Chi approached me and said that there could be a chance that my parents weren't in the forest and wouldn't come and get me. I dismissed her words at the moment, not wanting to start up a conversation regarding them, and immediately went back to playing with Goku. But now, I had no excuse to run away from the conversation. There was no way she was going to let a complete stranger live in her home. With the colossal amount of food Goku eats in one sitting, I knew it had to be difficult providing for their family as it is. Adding another body to the household would be counterproductive and a waste of time and resources.

I nervously gulped down the food that was in my mouth, "Talking about what?"

"We wanted to ask if you wanted to stay here." My fork clattered against the china, not at all believing my ears. Chi-Chi smiled, "We couldn't possibly leave you out there by yourself. I'd be worried sick about you, dear. Besides, I'm sure Gohan wouldn't want his darling friend to leave. The two of you are peas in a pod."

"You - you can't be serious?"

I glanced around the table, making eye contact with Goku. He nodded his head, confirming that this was a serious offer. A feeling piled up in my gut. A feeling I haven't felt in several months: Hope. The sensation bubbled up within me, pleading for the pressure to be relieved with a burst.

And it was.

A large smile broke out on my face, answering her question with no hesitation. A simple smile was all that was needed to be a part of this family. A smile that declared I had no longer had to survive off the wild berries I came across, not caring if they were poisonous or not. A smile that made me have a family again.

The next two years flew by; I was introduced to the Nimbus cloud and Goku secretly taught me some martial arts when Chi-Chi wasn't looking and Gohan was studying. For the most part, it was mostly just the basics. He taught me proper fighting stances and how to sense energy. The ability was a bit spotty at times, but I grasped the concept pretty easily. We only got a few hours a week, with Chi-Chi keeping a close eye on Gohan and I. Now that I was a part of the family, she made sure that I was given similar treatment as Goku and Gohan.

With that said, I was pulled into studying with the young boy pretty much every day. I didn't necessarily mind it, but I certainly wasn't used to it. Gohan and I, I naturally learned, were quite quick at picking up the material given to us. We learned from each other, regardless of the age difference. To be perfectly honest, I don't see Gohan as a younger boy; with his maturity and strong-minded eagerness to excel, he could be mistaken as a full-fledged teenager.

He'd just have to grow a few more inches.

"Tenshi, have you seen Gohan anywhere?"

Looking up from my newly-assigned homework from Chi-Chi herself, I shook my head. "Last I saw him he was looking for some new flora to add to his scrapbook." Chi-Chi shook her head, "I haven't seen him for a while. He's supposed to go with his father to Master Roshi's soon."

Speak of the devil, Goku arrived, carrying a large tree trunk. "Goku, do you think you've got enough firewood there?" Chi-Chi teased.

Setting - well, more like slamming - down the tree, Goku replied in his normal fashion: "Yeah. This should last us a while, don't you think?"

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