'Her husband must have brought me here while I was asleep. How did I not wake up? Certainly, I would have awoken by the sounds of the car? Or at least the forest's rocky road.'

Not wanting to upset the nice woman (after all, she did place me on a really comfortable bed), I walked out of the room and got a good look at the house's interior. Nothing was out of the ordinary as photos hung on the wall and the smell of cooked rice flowed through the home. Walking further, I saw the woman setting the table with more food than I've eaten in my entire life. My stomach grumbled at the sight, catching the attention of the woman and the boy in her arms. With a tail?

"Don't be shy, come sit. We have more than enough food."

I slowly shuffled to the table, not knowing where to sit. "Sit by me!" I jumped at the sudden sound of the boy the woman put in a chair. He didn't look to be much older than me, if anything, he seemed younger. Quickly sitting down next to the boy so I didn't upset him, I stared at the food actively covering the table, with more coming. My eyes widened, "You eat this much food?" My cheeks were coated in a light blush as I realized I said that out loud. The woman didn't seem to look offended. Thank God. Instead, she chuckled, "My husband has a big appetite. Plus, when he finds your parents, there'll be plenty of food for them, too."

I felt wrong eating their gracious food right away and opted to wait for her husband to show. For now, I thanked her for the food and bed.

"No need to thank me, dear. It was the least I could do. Tell me, sweetie, how old are you? You seem a little young for your parents to leave you on your own. I'm sure they meant to be back by the time you woke up, but still." It seemed like she wanted to share her opinion further, but chose not to voice them. Most likely for mine and her son's sake. "I'm three, miss."

"Three?!" Pausing after setting the final bowl of beans, she looked at me with wide eyes. "Well, that just means you need more food."

"Oh, no, I'm fine-"

"That means you're older than me! I'm two!" The boy smiled brightly at me. "We can be friends!" Returning the smile, I nodded, "Sure!"

The door to the house opened with a man in an orange jumpsuit and spikey hair walking in, scratching his head in confusion. "Goku!" "Daddy!" The woman and boy shouted. "Did you find them, dear?"

The man, Goku, shook his head. "I looked all over the forest, but nothing. I don't know where they could be. I even went to the nearby villages and they said no one's left at all."

"Oh, well," the woman glanced back at me, "I guess we have to figure something out. We can't just leave her out there."

"She can stay with us!" The boy shouted from his seat to his parents. The two looked at each other, not knowing what to do. The woman, not wanting to talk about the situation right now, clapped her hands, "Let's eat! We'll sort everything out after!"

Goku immediately started his eating, not needing to be told twice. The woman set mine and her son's plate, stacking it with rice, beans, and, from what it looked like, fish. Her husband ate his food at great speed. By the time I was able to take my first bite, Goku had already eaten three bowls of rice and counting. The sight was certainly different from anyone I've ever met. I stared at the man, amazed by his appearance and habits. 'So this is the man that saved me.' I smiled at the thought and continued eating the delicious food.

"So dear," the woman started, making me pause and look at her, "do you know your name?" I nodded, "Tenshi. I'm sorry for not saying it earlier." She waved her hand, "No need to apologize, sweetheart. My name is Chi-Chi, and this is my husband and son, Goku and Gohan." Goku picked his head up after hearing his name. Noticing no one was talking to him, he went right back to eating.

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