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Hey guys, its Annie. I know, it’s been a while, so sorry about that! But I wanted to make the beginning of the sequel great, and perfection takes time. So I waited about a month and now it’s decent, because as I said perfection takes times, and I ain’t patient. Just kidding, I also kind of forgot about the book, because I was busy with my other one. Speaking of which, you should all go read my other fan fiction, You Changed Me. I realized I kind of neglected that one while I was writing the end of this, so I starting writing that one and neglected this one. And my other fan fiction, Sometimes You Just Get Lucky is REALLY neglected, because I haven’t even started writing the second chapter yet! Speaking of that, I have two other ideas for new story’s, so what I’m going to do is write the first chapter for those two, and then post each chapter and ask you guys which one you would like me to write, or not write any new ones and just continue with my two current ones. Since you guys are the ones who have gotten me this far, everything I do is up to you guys. What story I focus on the most, which is decided by how much feedback I get from each new chapter, which story I should continue writing or not, which story idea I write. So please let me know what you honestly think! If you think I should write short chapters and upload more or long chapters and upload less frequently. Whether I write a sequel or not. Or how long each story should be. Or what new story idea I should continue with.

                But anyways, back onto why I actually wrote this whole thing, THE SEQUEL IS NOW UP! Only one chapter, but it’s up and running. SO GO READ IT AND ENJOY IT! But before you go, I’m going to give you guys the summary for the three new fanfic ideas, and from these tell me which one is the most exciting. Even if one is the obvious winner, or no body comments which is probably what will happen, I’m still going to write the first chapters and post those as well, but I would like to have an idea on what you think about them.

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky: Juliet was raised in a rich family. Butlers, chefs, chauffeurs, even a personal shopper. Even though that all sounds great and dandy, which her parents though it was, Juliet wasn’t happy. As much as she loved being popular, and having money, and clothes, there was something missing. Art. She loved drawing, and designing, and sculpting, and painting, all things that the perfect housewife shouldn’t do. So when Juliet gets accepted to the London School Of Art she jumps at the opportunity, even if it comes with her parents hating her. So when she gets to the school and makes wonderful friends, but becomes popular instead, will they be able to convince her that being herself is enough? Or will she go back to pretending to be what everyone else wants her to be?

Stick By Me: Meet Andrea. Funny. Smart. Beautiful. Outgoing. Oh and also Louis Tomlinson’s old best friend. No, this is not one of those cliché stories where he pushed her away and let the fame get to his head; this is a story about her pushing him away, because she had a secret. And that secret was cancer. The horrific disease she found out she had the same day he found out he was going to be in the band One Direction. When he comes to visit, more determined than ever to find Andrea, will she let him find her, or will she continue to hide from him?

(I don’t know what the title for this will be, but I enjoy this one): Isabella is absolutely poor. She probably has enough money for a hotel room for two weeks, and a cheap one at that, and she just moved to London with nothing and no one. Her parents passed and she decided with nothing to lose, to try to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer. So when she’s offered a job that pays great and would help her get ahead in her career she snatches it up immediately. Styling the biggest band of the last century is a job people would kill for. But when a certain member of the band takes it upon himself to make her life horrible will she ignore him? Or will he succeed in making her run away?

So please let me know what you think of these ideas and PLEASE GO CHECK OUT THE SEQUEL AND MY OTHER STORY!

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