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Pen Your Pride

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Chapter Eleven : I Think Cole Is A Sex God

I am not a violent person; in fact I pride myself on my ability to calmly accept any acts of oppression that Nicole and her minions might feel like bestowing upon me for the day. My Irish grandfather tells me that I'm a disappointment to the family, that I skipped the famous fiery temperament that my maternal side possesses. My brother hasn't been as misfortunate as me in that particular department but look where it's gotten him? He let his temper get the better of him and now he's basically nothing but a dead beat who's drinking himself to death.

Oh wait, getting back to the issue at hand. Like I said I'm not someone who resorts to physical measures to take out my anger, instead I channel it towards more useful purposes, for example studying. Getting good grades means getting into a good college and a good college guarantees a good job. Now when I have said good job I'll be able to embarrass people like Nicole by getting them to work for me.

It's as simple as that, me the billion dollar tycoon and Nicole the KFC waitress.

However all thoughts of channeling my anger towards something better fly right out of the window as I stare at my Calculus teacher, wanting nothing more than to smash his head in with a hammer.

"But Sir..." I begin and he cuts me off for the millionth time.

"No buts Ms. O'Connell, we are not discussing this topic further." He closes the folder in his hands and slides it over his desk towards me. I gape at his audacity; he cannot do this I mean there has to be some sort of a rule explaining the limits to what a teacher can ask of a student.

"You don't understand Sir, he doesn't..."

"I said no arguments Ms. O'Connell. Please leave I have some tests I need to mark."

"I cannot tutor Cole Stone, Sir it's not like he even needs tutoring! He's got a photographic memory." I know this is true, I've spent half of my life resenting the fact that he can cruise through all our quizzes with simply just glancing at his textbook once and I have to struggle and cram till my head's about to explode.

"Well his grades certainly don't suggest the same. He's failing all his classes Ms. O'Connell and you're the best tutor we've got. The Principal is adamant that you handle his case, we can't have the Sheriff's son failing his senior year can we?"

"Megan is so much smarter than I am Sir, I'm sure she'll be able to do a better job." I plead but it falls on deaf ears as Mr. Goodwin further pushes Cole's file towards me.

"Ms. Sharp is, I agree the most intelligent student in the school but you and I both know that her people skills aren't just as exceptional. There's a reason she couldn't be part of the Tutor Center."

I hold back a face palm as I remember the last time Megan attempted to tutor someone. The freshman had run out of the Tutor Center crying and had since transferred schools. She tends to get a little carried away...

"You know you guys should stop talking about me like I'm not here."

I don't want to look at him. This is so frustrating! As if the amount of stalking he regularly does isn't enough, he now wants me to tutor him? How is he not sick of me yet? How is it that we haven't killed each other with our bare hands by now? I don't want to tutor him; my relationship with Cole is complicated and confusing enough without us being together all the time.

"Ah, Mr. Stone just the man I was looking for. As you've heard, Ms. O'Connell will now be tutoring you in most of your subjects and I'm sure together you two will manage to make the situation much better."

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