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He should have known beforehand that nothing seems to work the way it did before. He's not even surprised at this point, because really, what are the odds of his lovely, cherry lollipops running out of stock at this time of the year? Usually, there would have been enough to feed at least an entire city and that was more than fine with Taehyung as long as he got to have his fair share as well.

But now he's faced with a situation unlike any other, and for once, he's completely, utterly hopeless. Helpless. Terribly disappointed. What is he supposed to do now? He can't simply go ahead and act like nothing happened because his day has already been shit and a cherry lollipop is all he really needed for a boost of energy and positive vibes.

Here's the thing with Taehyung. He's an absolute sucker for cherry lollipops. Has always been one, and so he's not ashamed to voice out his inner turmoil.


"Don't even think about telling me to calm down. My day has been plain shit and all I really need is a damn cherry lollipop to get back on the right track. Please tell me you have at least one-"

"Sir, please understand-"

"Ok, ok. I got it. You have no more. I got it."

He's fucking pissed at this point. He can't believe something like this is actually happening to him of all people. Did he do something bad to deserve this unfair treatment from life? Taehyung sees himself as a top student, a kind young man, an absolutely understanding individual - well, not really, but he's a good person overall. So why is the universe so against him lately?

"Have a lovely night, sir."

Lovely night, my ass  he thinks as he scrambles out of the empty store, heart numb and tired of all the bullshit he's been going through all day.

First of all, his dog, Soonshim, all caught up in his excitement - which resulted in nasty burns all over his hands due to the mug of hot chocolate that tipped to the side. All the stupidly delicious liquid ended up soaking his poor skin early in the morning, right as he was preparing to rush to his classes.

Second of all, Jungkook and Jimin. His two best friends who couldn't shut up for a minute when he ended up tripping over his stupid feet at the sight of their music professor, Min Yoongi. They kept shoving him, murmuring dirty things amongst other stuff that would be considered as domestic. It's no wonder though. They know about his hopeless crush on the older man - who by the way, is too attractive for his own good. Always dressed in black - black turtleneck under a long, black coat, black dress pants or jeans and of course, the most important aspect of them all - the black rimmed glasses that do things not only to Taehyung but to everyone else around.

It's a crime. Illegal stuff. He shouldn't be that attractive but here he is, walking around the campus like he literally owns it. Damn him and his stupidly attractive, honey-like hair, his stupidly attractive, gravelly voice and his stupidly attractive sharp eyes that burn pleasant holes into Taehyung.

The poor boy covers his face in embarrassment as all sorts of thoughts slip into his head like Yoongi's voice slips into each fiber of his body. Just a tiny, deep 'hmm' is more than sufficient to have him rolling on the cold concrete, whining low in his throat. It's ridiculous to have this type of thoughts about his professor. The person he looks up to the most.

His troubled walk continues for a few more minutes until the device in his pocket buzzes with utter excitement. The noise is highly obnoxious so he immediately fishes it out to stop it by answering.

"Hmm.." He's way too tired to say something else, so he just stops in front of a random bench, takes a seat and waits for Jungkook to start speaking.

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