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"Blind Dating"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She couldn't see anything. Her mouth was bound by a cloth that was tied tightly to keep her from speaking. Over her eyes was a blindfold of sorts. Her ankles were tied to the chair legs, and her wrists were bound together, keeping her from moving.

She heard a creaky door open and close, then slow footsteps getting closer to her. The steps stopped and (Y/n) could barley hear someone breathing.

"Decided to finally wake up?"

The voice was that of a man's, husky and deep. He walked around behind her and untied the cloth that was keeping her from talking.

When he took it off (Y/n) gasped, "Where am I?"

"Don't get frantic now. You make too much noise and I'm gonna have to gag you again." The man warned her. (Y/n) closed her mouth and listened to the man.

"Good girl." He chuckled, "Now why don't you tell me what you know about the League of Villains. Rumors have been popping up around town and I'd hate to have you punished for lying to me."

"The League of Villains? I... I don't know much. I only know about a couple of people..."


"Um. There's this girl that has blonde hair and red eyes... and a man who wears a suit that covers his whole body and jumps between two personalities..."

"What about them."

"I... That's all I know.. I don't know who they are or—Ahh! Hot!" (Y/n)'s sentence was cut short when she felt a burning sensation on her side. Tears began to build up in the blindfold around her eyes, a few managing to get through and flow down her cheeks.

"You're lying. I said I'd punish you if you lied."

"I'm sorry! Their names are Toga and Twice! That's all I know!! Agh!" (Y/n) admitted, feeling a rough hand clasp around her throat.

"That's all?"

The girl weakly nodded and the man released her, making her gasp and cough. She hung her head and panted, a tingly feeling in her side and her neck.

"I'll be back again tomorrow. You better have something to satisfy me and maybe I'll let you go." He walks away and exits the room.

(Y/n)'s body shakes and she starts to cry, she was terrified.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When the door opened again, (Y/n) looked up. From the way she had to sleep, her entire body ached, not to mention she hadn't eaten anything.

"Alright girlie. Spill."

(Y/n) licked her chapped lips and opened her mouth to speak, "My father was a pro hero that was hunted and killed by the League of Villains. And so, I researched as much as I could to try and find a way to destroy them from the inside, out."

"That explains why I caught you spying."

"I managed to get intel on both Twice and Toga, and even a glance at a couple other of their members. One of which, I knew as a child. Or I believe I did. There you go, that's my story."

"Interesting." The man laughs, "You suck at your job. How long have you been on this, a week and you managed to get caught so easily. Didn't even put up a fight."

"I'm quirkless, what else was I supposed to do." (Y/n) mumbles.

"Quirkless? You're joking! Pffttt—Hahaa!" He continued to laugh and laugh as (Y/n) looked at the ground, still with the blindfold on. His laughing came to a stop and he sighed heavily. His original laughing tone turned into a deep, serious one, "Bullshit."

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