Chapter Twenty Six-"Clearly not otherwise I'd be a transvestite"

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~Dedicated to feelings so true, they're hard to ignore~

Chapter Twenty-Six-"Clearly not otherwise I'd be a transvestite"

Wedding shopping, it was something I never would have imagined myself doing in a million years and yet here I was with my mother, Juliet and of course adorable Holly. After switching wedding planners to a woman named Maria, my mother’s wedding preparations were going smoothly. Holly was to be the flower girl, and of course the little girl was thrilled to learn that her dress was going be flowery and purple.

Currently we were in ‘Whimsical Weddings’, a store renowned in Redwood for being the best wedding boutique ever. The wedding dresses were white, puffy and reminded me a lot of Cinderella and how she must have felt before going to the midnight ball with her Prince Charming. Everything looked simply magical and breathtakingly beautiful. I felt as though I had crossed into another dimension where being pretty was the norm and gorgeous gowns were available to everyone who wanted them.

“So you two girls go browse around for your bridesmaid dresses,” my mother spoke eagerly, “and I’m going to go phone Kelly, she was supposed to be meeting me here and I really need a second opinion on my dress.”

“We could give you a second opinion,” I replied, gesturing towards Juliet and me.

My mother rolled her blue eyes in amusement before replying, “Viv honey, you know I value your opinion,” then glanced at Juliet, “no offence sweethearts, but the opinion I need doesn’t necessarily involve fashion,” my mother added suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows.

I felt my cheeks flush as I exclaimed, “Mum!”

“Hey even I need some action between the sheets-”

“Stop right there,” I interrupted my mother, “I really don’t think any of us, especially Holly needs any details.”

Holy frowned before she asked curiously, “What’s between the sheets?”

Juliet chuckled before replying, “Nothing sweetie.”                                    

“I have a tea party with sheets,” Holly continued happily, “but some of them got dirty and-”

“See what you’ve done,” I replied, glancing at my mother in mortification, “you’ve turned her into a monster.”

My mother rolled her eyes in amusement before replying, “Like you really think Holly knows what it means.”

I shushed my mother, taking Holly’s hand and leading her away I threw over my shoulder in a dramatic tone, “You are a pervert mother!”

My mother chuckled before replying, “Well one of us has to be!”

“I don’t think this dress flatters me at all,” Juliet complained, staring at herself in the mirror.

I sighed tiredly, “You’ve said that about the past five dresses and it’s just because they don’t flatter your B-O-O-B-S.”

Holly looked up at me in puzzlement before asking, “What’s that funny word mean Viv?”

Juliet raised her eyebrow at me as she asked, “Yeah what is that word Viv?”

I glanced at Holly who was waiting patiently for me to reply then back at Juliet who looked like she was trying hard not to laugh and again sighed. Running a hand across my heated face which was on fire from all the blushing I was doing before speaking, “It’s uh…a new Barbie.”

“I like Barbie,” Holly replied eagerly, “but daddy won’t buy me anymore because he says I already have too many.”

“How many do you have,” Juliet asked absently as she glanced back at her reflection.

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