Dirty Zayn Malik Imagine!

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I'm Writing this Zayn Malik Dirty Imagine for all you Horny Directioners ! LOL so lets begin! Tell me what you think, this chapter won't be dirty but the next ones will!


You and Zayn have been dating for quite a while now, even though the fans hate the fact your dating him, you still don't care as long as you're with him!'you two were at the grocery store picking out some snacks for tonight's movie night that you have every Saturday! You were in the chips isle and it was just the two I you, Zayn kisses you on the cheek and you ask "what?" He says "nothing but what kind of movie are we watching tonight?" You only reply with romance. He bites his lips and says "ok babe" you always loved when he bit his lips, it was such a turn on for you! You held his hand and put a bag of cheesies in your cart and went to the soda section. Zayn quickly grabs your waist and turns you around asking "babe, you live me right?" "Well of course I do why babe?" You reply "just wondering he says biting his lips again while looking at your lips, you rolled your eyes, smiled and kissed him on the lips, he smiled and said, "finally" you giggled and went to go check everything out at the front, the total was $34.56 you pulled out your credit card and as you were about to scan it, Zayn said "um I don't think so" he pulled out two twenties and gave them to the cashier, as the cashier was counting the change, Zayn grabs your wait and pulls you closer to him, you get your change, get in your car and drive off home!


Tell Me What you think ;) next part will be up soon!

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