31: Squad's Reunion

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Aayat's pov:

           I was sitting in the backyard with my files regarding the cases. I was studying them when I heard the voice of thunderstorm. I looked above on the canvas of sky, although the weather seemed cleared, the clouds seemed blacker then usual.

          So, I decided it was better for me to go inside in my room instead and do my work. I did the same and went inside from the backdoor. I reached near the hallway on the left of which my parent's room was. It was 6 in the evening. While Bhai had went to work, Ammi and Bhabhi had went to the boutique to pick up my dresses that were given for alterations.

           I walked through the hallway quietly so that if Abba was sleeping, I won't wake him up. But I failed in the attempt as Abba had already seen me and called me,


          I went inside to Abba who was sitting on the bed as a newspaper was in his hands.

"Assalam walaikum." I said as I sat beside him.

         "Are these the files about your new case?" He asked.

           That's when I recalled, in the midst of all the wedding chaos, I had forgotten to tell Abba about my new case. That was something I always did but forgot this time.

"Yes Abba, sorry I forgot to tell you about it."

         I said as I held his hand. He smiled at me and said,

"It's okay dear. I know we all had been busy these days."

         I nodded and then narrated about the case to Abba as he kept listening attentively. When I was finished, he said after a minute's pause,

"Aayat, I am very proud that you chose this case. I admire your courage and I hope you will succeed in this.
Just be careful okay."

        I nodded and then got up to leave but then abba asked,

"Aayat, there is something else I wanted to ask you."

         "Yes Abba?" I said as I sat again.

"I should have asked this before, but I wanted to know that are you happy about our decision to get you married to Mahir?"

          I looked up his worried eyes, as his question settled down in my mind.

Am I happy?

         The answer to be honest was not a yes, but deep inside I knew that it wasn't a no either.

         I don't know but after my discussion with Aiza Bhabhi, my heart is at rest. While Mahir's confusing behaviour still worries me, Aiza bhabhi's words make me believe that there is a better Mahir behind this one, one that he had hidden from me, the better version of him.

          And the more I pray these days, the more I become content that my decision wasn't wrong. That Allah has written greater in my destiny, something that I ain't able to see right now.

To put it into one sentence,
I was feeling somehow content.

          I saw at Abba who was waiting for my answer patiently, then I finally spoke,

"If feeling content is feeling happy then yes Abba, I am happy."

          He leaned to me and pecked on my forehead as he replied, meanwhile the lines of worry on his forehead cleared as his face glowed with relief,

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