{3} More Information, Less Acknowledgement

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I found out I had been in slumber for almost two months after the incident with my brother. I had too, found out I'm deaf on one ear; it takes away all my benefits.

Now I sit here, staring at the open grass, the birds, the silence.

If only my brother was here...

"Who are you thinking off your highness?"

"Kazune." I blurted,


I turned to face the girl, Dreyse.

Hitch Dreyse looked somewhat like a cat to me, with large amber eyes and chin length shaggy light brown hair.

"Nothing." I swiped it away and walked past her.

"Are you feeling alright? You look pale." Marlo.

His black hair was a bowl cut, he stood with the same stoic and serious expression too.  "Yeah," I murmured, fixing my hearing aid.

They looked quite interested in the mechanism hooked onto my ear, not inside.

"You can have two hours off, come back later," I told them bluntly.

"But Sir Dok will-" I rolled my eyes.

"Tell him the princess demands it, there aren't any Titans here anyways."

"Y-yes your highness! Thank you!" they both said as they sped away.

"Oh and one thing," I called out, "Yes?"

"It's Thorne, no need for the formal talk when it's just us." They nodded with a confused expression but left eventually.

I walked down towards the dining pavilion with my puffy emerald dress and my orange hair draped across my shoulder.

My left eye was patched with some sort of black cloth, a pirate, I thought.

 All eyes turned, and so did the king.

"Princess Thorne!" Gasps had filled the room as I walked up to the king and, you know...curtsy.

"What are you doing here? When the Survey Corps comes, hide." The king whispered, I nodded.

I knew what situation I was in right now. They are hiding me from them.

Ever since the Military Police Brigade had found out about me surviving the attack, they've hidden me here. They tested me, and I was said to be "One like Eren,"

What is that supposed to mean?

Yet secretly, Pixi had helped me with self defense and attack tactics. Along with all the 3 Dimensional Maneuver Gear and the other weaponry.

He had given me the hearing aid, with an extremely small container of liquid attached to it...very dangerous if it was exposed.

"The Legionaries are here!" I heard one of them yell. With speed, I rushed out the room, up the steps and to the balcony overseeing the entire room in heels.

I chuckled, Pixis and Hitch had taught me this.

Less than I expected had arrived. About five maximum. The tallest one had went before the king.

Their mouths were moving yet I couldn't hear them. "Darn it," I mumbled and turned up the volume of my hearing aid.

"Ahh, Erwin Smith! How good for you to visit the king,"

The man known as Erwin Smith ignored that, "We are here to investigate,"

The kings eyes widened, "Well nobody told us! You aren't permitted!"

Then a smaller man at the back spoke up, "Your own people did you-" before he could insult him Erwin handed the king a letter with acceptance. The king sighed, "Very well,"

I looked studied all five of them.

"Eh?" The three in the back were very familiar. A girl and two boys. It was years ago... Then it hit me.

That boy was bullied, and the other two saved him, and the girl...

For a split second ours eyes met and I stepped back into the shadows. It was her...

"Thorne, we need to go!" I clutched my ears and winced, turning down the volume. Since the voice was right next to me.


"I'm alright, let's get going," I mumbled. Nile passed me a blank rose cape and I wore it, pulling up the hood.

The horse came to a stop at the garden's basement. I looked up at Nile and he nodded, "We'll be back for you, don't worry." The door wasn't allowed to be locked, since it's an investigation. So I sat back against the wall.

Do they know about me?

Minutes passed, "Is it done?" I murmured.


The sound of the bars opening from above.

"Levi, why would we check in here?" a voice asked. I could tell it was very familiar.

"Eren, it's an inspection. Who knows what's down here," a girl's voice.

I held my breath as footsteps echoed down to where I was at.

Don't panic.

I pressed my back to the wall.

"If you think of something, it will literally happen, I'm telling you it's magic."

I laughed at that, but it's my only chance now...

In the corner of the room I watched as the shadows had walked into the room, and once I had seen the first foot I confirmed it.


Don't see me for even a few seconds.... 

"Keep your left eye open," I remember him saying.

I saw nothing..yet I held still.

"There's no one here..." the girl mumbled. "Misaka,"  the boy known as Levi spoke up. The next thing I heard was unexpected, "Eren! Eren!" Misaka called out, to the boy but there was no reply. "Get him to Erwin," Levi said. I heard their footsteps fade until' I breathed out.

I opened the other eye.

I'm safe.

"Princess! Did they find you?" I shook my head, "Thank goodness," the group said relieved. "Well they left already, let's get you out of this mess."


"Eren are you alright?" Misaka asked the boy. He looked up and around, then back at his adoptive sister. "I feel like....like the energy drained out of me when we went down there," he mumbled, holding his head.

"I felt a presence of someone did you?"

"Yeah, something powerful too."

Misaka had seen a girl up at the balcony for a second, with the same exact eyes since seven years ago, but it could have just been her imagination. She had other big things like Titans to take care off.

"Misaka, you're pale. Did you see something?" Armin asked, although he already knew the answer.

"It's nothing," she replied and stood up "-I'm going out."

With that she left.

"I can tell she was lying," they both said. "We've got to find out, maybe it has something to do with the 'Advantage,' they were talking about." Armin exclaimed, "Yeah, let's go."

Little did they know that Levi picked up on every single word they had said, and he was about to dig deeper.

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