{2} Replacing the Past

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I opened one eye, black, darkness, nothingness. I opened the other, I could see.

Panic welled up inside of me as I attempted to scream, nothing. I couldn't hear anything either. I reached for my ear and touched it.

Dry blood.

How long have I been here?

I sat up and looked around. It appeared that I lay on a white cloth. I peered down at my clothes, red and ragged.

"Kazune?" I called out hoarsely.


He was dead, wasn't he?

Then I remembered everything. The knife in his side, the loud noises, the bell.

"You know the bell only rings when the Titans invade the walls." My stomach churned as I peered up at the man. He looked old, yet fit. With a bald head, golden eyes, and a...mustache.

I stay speechless as he extends a hand, "Pixis, a military officer of the southern region."

I shook my head, "Bella...Bella Thorn," he took my hand.

I was in a garden, with flowers of every type.  The next thing I knew was stopping at a bush, thornes stuck out in every direction. Mesmerized, I reached forward to touch it, "If you wondering why you were sleeping outside-" The tip of my finger got sliced.

"Tche," I mumbled, pulling it behind my back and turning towards Pixis.

"We thought it was better for you to sleep out, waking up in a bedroom isn't really the ideal thing."

I nodded.

Once we had left the garden, we appeared at a mansion. The largest and grandest I have ever seen.

"This way," he lead into the gate.

"Lord Balto, you have guests," the wooden doors opened without a creak. As we walked down the isle, I caught girls and boys in suits with a rose watching as I made my way towards the throne.


The man turned around. He seemed overweight, with a round face and an almost balding head with blonde hair on the sides. He was wearing a noble and expensive attire, suitable for the king.

"Pixis! I never thought you would come back!" He exclaimed, holding a wine cup in his hand.

The other man gestured over to me, "She survived during the attack, we found her right at the border of wall Maria where the first of the titans entered." He mumbled. At that exact moment, my left ear started to throb. I winced.

Expecting to still see, I closed one eye but only to be welcomed to darkness.

"Nande?!" I asked surprised. I opened one eye and closed it. I closed both eyes and open my left, nothing.

I staggered backwards but only for Pixis to hold me still. "Calm down Miss Thorn," he urged. I kept still and relaxed my breathing.

"W-why?" I whispered, more like a statement.

"Relax for now Miss," I heard the voice of the king. "We will take care of you,"

With that, I felt my body slump. I didn't want to be in control anymore so I let myself slip away and slumber in the dark abyss of the palace.

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