Saving Stephenie - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

                "Nice car," Trey commented as I pulled into the parking space next to him at the park - it was completely deserted due to the fact it was the middle of winter and there was snow on the ground.

                "Thanks," I actually smiled. "I just got it, like five minutes ago. It's my dream car." I was acting like a proud mom.

                "It's pretty nice, is that why you asked me to hang out? So you could drive this car," he joked.

                "Yeah actually, I'm glad you understand!"

                "Ouch, I'm hurt, you didn't truly want my company?" he asked mocking hurt.

                I rolled my eyes. "Not at all. I mean, I guess you're bearable."

                Teasing him was fun. Teasing anyone was fun for me. It was an unexplainable how much I was addicted to being like this. It was like ever since the incident I wanted to inflict the pain I felt on others in some ways. But when no one took me seriously it just added to the mounting annoyance I felt with everyone.  

                "Come back to life," Trey joked. "Let's go somewhere, follow me."

                I obliged and hopped back into my car. I put on my loudest music as I drove behind Trey's little car. I felt powerful when my music was on like this; it was like it gave me the strength I needed to carry on. My ears hurt a little from the volume but I didn't lower it at all.

                I momentarily let myself wonder where Trey was taking us. There wasn't much to do in this town, Trey and Carrie themselves had already confirmed this for me. Except for the occasional party, there was nothing much attractive about Doylestown especially in winter where everywhere you went you were assaulted by snow and biting cold.

                It didn't take that long to realize where he was taking me. We were going back towards the center of town and soon enough we pulled into Peddler's Village. I didn't know exactly what we were doing here, but it was the normal haunt for him and his friends - and everyone else who went to our school. We both parked cars and he waited for me as I hopped over a pile of snow to get onto the sidewalk.

                "What are we doing here?" I asked grumpily not in the mood for people.

                "Follow me drama queen," he smiled. His smile was optimistic and bright like he was the happiest person in the world. I shook my head, how could he be so perfectly content?

                "You're taking me shopping?" I scoffed as we started to pass a bunch of girly clothing boutiques.

                "No, and I don't think those stores are your style either," he laughed.

                I folded my arms. "Then where are we going!"

                "Here," he said as we arrived at the coffee shop I visited on my first day here; the first day I met him. "I figured we should go chill out here, especially since it's where we met."

                I snorted. How cheesy. I almost started to lose it right there and die of laughter. I held myself back and raised my eye brows at him. "Really?"

                "Why not?" he asked blowing it off. I could tell from the flash of hurt in his eyes that I wasn't giving him the reaction he wanted.

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