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WARNING: Unlike My Best Mistake, this story contains a lot more swearing and a crap load of sexual references. There will also be a couple of sexual scenes. That is because that's Jason's character, but it will all make sense as the story unfolds. If you complain about this later in the book, I will know you haven't read this note and I will not give a damn. You have been warned.

© 2014 Ellie Mai. All Rights Reserved.


        “Jason. I swear, if I find you having sex with a girl in this house again, I will put you on the street myself.” Chloe shouted. Her fists were clenched and I could tell that I was lucky to still be standing right now. I could see the anger in her eyes as she walked towards me, forcing me into a corner where there was no possible escape from her wrath.

        “I’m sorry Clo. It won’t happen again. I promise.”

        I don’t know why I promised something which wasn’t ever going to happen. I promised her it wouldn’t happen again the last seven times she’s caught me, but it always happens and her reaction is always the same. She flies off the handle and is practically ready to murder me.

        My sister may have been seven years younger than me, but she still scared the hell out of me. Ever since she got with Matthew, she’s come out of her shell a hell of a lot more and she definitely isn’t afraid to put her foot down anymore. She will happily lose her temper and make people hate her because she couldn’t give a damn what they all think of her.

        “You said that last time. And the time before that. And the time before that too,” Chloe continued to shout. She was so close to me that, had she been anywhere near my height, then she would have been looking directly into my eyes. It was times like this I was glad that she was only five foot seven and I was six foot five, it was good to have an advantage in something.

        “I really do mean it this time. I’ll make sure it’s her place next time,” I sighed but the way Chloe looked at me told she didn’t believe a single thing which came out of my mouth. She was just waiting for the next time I fucked up so she could throw me out.

        “You need to move out Jason. I can’t keep doing this,” Chloe finally spoke. She turned her back on me as she said those words.

        “I said I was sorry.”

        “It’s not even about that. Well, it’s partly to do with that, but you’ve been living here for five years now,” Chloe said firmly. When she turned around to face me again, there was no emotion there at all. Nothing to tell me what she was thinking or feeling as she took the time to put her argument together before continuing. “I told you you could have a place here for a couple of months and you’ve taken advantage of that. You’re thirty, living with your sister and her husband. It’s embarrassing Jason.”

        Did I mention that she didn’t care about hurting your feelings either? She simply told the truth and, if you didn’t like it, then you knew where the door was.

        She spared no feelings when she was in this mood. She told the truth and she told you exactly what she was feeling. Jodie had suffered it, James had suffered it and even her own husband had suffered it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my sister, but she could be such a bitch at times and it makes me wish she was still that person who was afraid to even open her mouth.

        “Our daughter keeps hearing your conversations, Jase, she keeps us questions about what she’s heard. We don’t want to be explaining to her what sex is and how it all works. She’s bloody five, in case you had forgotten.”

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