Theo's Assent - Chapter 1 (ABDL/Fantasy/Furry/Wholesome) [Comm]

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Chapter I

"I can resist everything except temptation."

Oscar Wilde

"Yeah, sure you're not being a pushover. Like I get asking for help, but two days of helping Andrew move into his new place and all he pays you with is a Subway sandwich?"

"I'm sure he'll properly return the favor, he's been going through a lot of stress lately! Plus I was just trying to be a good friend."

"Good friends don't make their friends take off work to help them move in for two whole days and then compensate them with a sandwich! God Theo, grow a backbone!"

"I know. . . I know. . ."

Theo leaned his elbow underneath the car window and placed his chin in his hand, staring out of the moving vehicle he and his friend Trace were driving in. Theo and she had spent most of the afternoon and evening together, enjoying each other's company in the free time that the days leading up the holidays had offered them. Their conversation had led back to a recurring issue the 20 something year old seemed to not have gotten over.

As Trace put it, Theo needed to get over his "Doormat Syndrome" and stop being overly nice to people who didn't properly reciprocate it. The two had been best friends since high school, and although Trace admired and loved Theodore for how incredibly considerate he was to the people around him, it had been bothering her for some time how some people could take advantage of her friend. She took a left at an intersection, and left downtown headed towards the subarbian maze where Theo lived.

"I just think that you should stand up for yourself a little more. You're an incredibly capable person with a big heart Theo, but that means you deserve better treatment and better friends!"

Theo looked down and stared at the little lock nub indicator standing upright beneath the car window. He knew she was right, but he still found it so difficult to say no. After all, he believed that everyone had a bit of good in them, even if their exterior composite did a pitiful job of expressing it.

That, and probably the fact that no matter what I do I don't think I'll ever be accepted if anybody knew my true self, Theo thought to himself, as he looked back up glanced at Trace.

With a sly grin, he drew finger guns and pointed at her. Raising his eyebrows to push up the sunglasses on his forehead, he lowered them again to allow the glasses to fall on the bridge of his nose. He followed this smooth gesture with the ever popular line, "But I'm bad to the bone, baby."

Trace snorted and shook her head, "Sure you are you giant dork, and I'm the Queen of England."

The snicker that Theo had on his face turned into an actual smile, and the two rode in pleasant conversational silence as Trace reached over to turn up the holiday music streaming from her car radio.

Two minutes later, the two had arrived in front of Theo's humble yet comfortable looking suburban abode. The plants outside of his condo looked a little less droopy as some soft winter rain began to moisten the leaves of the plants, the evening growing greyer and greyer as the rain began to fall in earnest.

"Welp, we arrived just in time for you to get a shower before you get inside, have fun kiddo!"

The two leaned over and embraced, which conveniently hid Theo's face as he blushed at Trace's calling him a "kiddo." Retrieving his backpack from the back seat, Theo dramatically sucked in a breath, and opened the door barreling head first towards his house. Hearing Trace's incredulous laughter at his histrionic behavior as he slammed the door behind him, sprinting towards the front door as the sky gave way it's heavenly ocean to the earth below.

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