Road Trip (Part One)

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(Note: This story's premise was based on another story by Random-Diaper-Girl. I thought the concept would be fun to write about, so I adapted it into my own story. That said, if you like the concept, consider checking their story out, though it won't be as descriptive as the one you're about to read.)

The rules of the game:

- Whoever is driving must be wearing a diaper

- The players who aren't driving can choose between wearing diapers and wearing pull-ups

- Players in pull-ups must not wet or mess themselves, and can use the plastic potties in the back when they are about to. If they don't make it to the plastic potties, the other players must decide on a punishment. After a player wears a pull-up, they must wear diapers.

- Players in diapers must wet and mess themselves as much as possible (until their diaper begins to leak) but afterwards must wear only panties and leggings and must drink a bottle of water every fifteen minutes.

- Players in panties and leggings must not wet or mess themselves, and are not granted access to the plastic potties found in the trunk. If they wet or mess themselves, the other players must wet and mess whatever they're wearing on the player in panties and leggings (and not see consequences), and then a punishment must be decided for them 

- Only the driver can choose to stop, and they can only stop upon having a leaky diaper.

- Players cannot change themselves

An introduction to Eve:

Eve looked down at the notification on her phone screen, thinking back to the hassle of cancelling work to have a 'special' day with her friends and what a pleasure it would be.

"This Saturday's going to be a lot different than most." She pressed the phone to her chest, then set it down and started packing a bag to be filled with diapers, pull-ups, and a few pairs of leggings and panties.

"Looking forward to today! I've been looking forward to getting close and personal with my besties." Eve messaged to a group chat with the others, preparing to walk to Portia's house. As she was putting on her shoes, she looked down at the bag she'd packed, blushed, and hurriedly took off.

On her walk there, she was already starting to feel pressure from her bladder, since Portia suggested they all drink two glasses of water in advance to make things more interesting. She had a feeling that she'd start the game with a pull-up to make things even harder on herself. She liked the feeling of being desperate. She has for as long as she can remember. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she grew up in a household with several sisters who were always taking their time in the restroom?

There was something she liked even more than being desperate, and that was losing control. With someone always being in the restroom when she needed to use it, combined with her weak bladder, she's lost control several times...Only one of those times was on accident, since she, oddly enough, liked the warm, taboo feeling of doing something so shunned by others behind closed doors.

A few difficult, desperate minutes passed and she arrived at Portia's...

An introduction to Esther:

Esther lived only a few houses away from Portia. They'd been friends since they were wee children, since their mothers were quite close. Esther had always been fascinated with people wetting themselves ever since she saw a video of a woman wetting herself on a "funniest videos" clip show. And behind closed doors, she acted on that curiosity. From browsing video after video on the internet to wetting her panties over a toilet, she did it all. Curiosity turned to passion through time. Little did she know that she was to eventually share that passion with Portia and Eve.

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