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"Maybe you guys should tell me what my problem is since you two..." l said as l pointed to Alex and Caleb "seem to think l have one" l yelled back at both Alex and Caleb. Screw it. I wasn't going to sit as they threw all their shit at me.

"I think we all see that you have a problem Beth" l wasn't going to be surprised if my neck broke with the speed l snapped it as l turned to look at Blaire.

We weren't the best of friends but l wasn't expecting that from her, the rest yes but not her. I always had her back and this was one of the time that l actually expected her to have mine even though she wasn't all about having my mine all the time.
She was always the one getting a lot of gun fire from our older siblings and l would have expected her to understand what it's like and take my side but l was wrong. I was wrong about a lot of things.

"Is this what you wanted to talk to us about mom? Her intolerable behavior?" Asked Brian without even looking at me like l wasn't even there with his hands folded on his chest

The worst part is that Mom had actually told them that? She called them here cause she couldn't tolerate me any more?

"Brian yo..."

"I couldn't believe it when she said you guys fought but now, now l see why, now l see that you have become a nuisance" said Alex with a clear lace of venom in his voice.

It was just a little fight that l already apologized for and already l have become an intolerable nuisance?. I thought it was cool between mom and l. I apologized and she said it was ok. I didn't mean to yell and l thought she knew that.

"Everyone just stop and listen..." said dad

"Don't try to defend her dad. You spoil her too much and it has to stop"

"Well l guess they are right" l said as l stopped to wipe away the tears
"I apologized for that and l guess it wasn't enough" l said as l turned to look at them all

"I'm sorry for being a nuisance and an intolerable brat. I guess l should have done better you know. Maybe l should have done some drugs here n there, blew a few joints at school" l said as l looked Caleb in the eyes and he wasn't happy about it. Good cause l wasn't either

"Or maybe got myself into a lot of fights and get myself suspended in every boarding school that l go to" Alex thought l was going to back down just because he was glaring, well l wasn't

"That's enough Bethenny"

I didn't listen to my father's protests for me to stop, it was already out "Maybe l should have brought guys home when no one was home which is most of the time, maybe then, that would have made me a better person right? But instead l stayed home to do my school work, did everything l was told  and l did one single thing that was out of character and then boom l'm the bad guy"

"Well l'm sorry a thousand times over to you all" l said with a  bitter laugh that l didn't even bother hiding

"Bethenny, what's the problem? This isn't you, Talk to us" said Lina finally breaking the silence

"But you're wrong it is me, l am the problem"

"Bethenny, that's not why l called them here and you know that's not true"

"It's ok mom, it's a good thing you did, l got to apologize and all"

"Bethenny baby just listen..."

"If you would excuse me l'm going to get some air"

I didn't wait for anyone to say anything as l pushed away from the table and quickly made a bee line for the front door after grabbing my shoes from the mud room.

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