Part 2

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When it's someone's POV they are basically talking in there mind.
⚠️mentions or rape⚠️

Catherine Aragon's POV

I walk into the hall of the castle that I needed to go to. I bow to the king and queen. I walk back a bit. Then comes in two princesses come in. After a little while another princess comes in.

Anne Boleyn's POV

I walk to the hall with Jane. Once we walk into the hall I see a knight. Kinda knowing what that means. Jane and I stand near our parents. After a minute Katherine walks into the room seems as though she has been crying.

Jane Seymour's POV

I walk down the long hallway with Anne, wondering why mother and father would call us down. I make Anne curtsey after I curtsey because she never curtseys to our parents thinking it's okay not to. I stand next to father and Anne stands next to mother. Katherine comes in and does the same walking over and standing beside me.

Anna Cleves's POV

I leave my post to see why I'm needed. I walk into the hall to see another knight and the three princesses. This is going to be fun. I bow before going to stand next to the other knight. At one point I look around at the three princesses, the oldest Jane is waiting to see what happens, the middle child Anne is looking at the ceiling, then Katherine the youngest sister looks like she wants to cry.

Katherine Howard's POV

I walked out of our shared room to the hall where my parents are. I curtsey to them then walk over to Jane. I just want to hide away and never come out ever again. I look at the ground trying not to cry. I feel awful. I hate him so much. I try to tell my parents but I never seem to be able to find the right words. I feel eyes on me so I look up and make eye contact with one of the knights but they quickly look away.

Catherine Parr's POV

I run from the big oak tree, after a little I stop running so no one is worried. I walk into the hall to see I'm the last one there, I bow to the king and queen. I walk over to the other two knights.

The king's POV (because I don't know what his name should be)

"I have called on you six today for something important" I say breaking the silence. Everyone nodded. "It has come to my attention that somethings may be going on with some of the teachers so to insure the safety of my daughters they will have a knight with them at all times" I add on. I look around to see Katherines head down. I look to my queen and then to Katherine telling her to see what's wrong. She nods and gets up to walk over to Katherine she takes her hand to guide her to somewhere no one will hear them talk.

The queen's POV (She also has no name)

I take Katherine to a piece no one can hear us. "Katherine what's wrong?" I ask, "I um, the teacher" she says. I give her a confused look. "He touches me" Katherine said looking at the ground. "He?" I ask. "Henry Mannox" Katherine replies. I nodded "Come along I'll tell your father later" I say taking hold of her hand once again. Once we are back in the hall I sit on the throne and Katherine goes back to stand near Jane.

The king's POV

"As I was saying, my daughters need some knights, so I called upon you three" I say. "So could Catherine Aragon come up" I ask.

Catherine Aragon's POV

I walk up to the king "Catherine you will be guarding Anne" the kings says. I nod, Anne comes up. She takes hold of my arm bring me over to where she was standing before. I stand there not knowing what to do.

Anna Cleves's POV

I stand there waiting for my name to be called. "Anna Cleves" the king calls out. I walk up. "Katherine is the one who you are going to guard" I bow and walked over to Katherine. I bow to her and stand beside her.

Catherine Parr's POV

I'm the last one called upon by the king. "Catherine Parr" the king says. I walk up. "You Catherine will be guarding Jane" I slowly nod then walk over to Jane. She smiles at me. I smile back.

No ones POV

The three princesses show the three knights there bedroom. For some reason they will all be sleeping in the same room. Just in case something where to happen.

Hope you liked it. I'm sorry for everyone that wanted Jane x Parr and Anne x Catherine. I just can't do these ships I'm sorry. It's just Parr x Anne is one of the first ships in this fandom I saw and read about. I'm sorry I just have no appeal to Anne x Catherine and Jane x Parr.
Edit: I am to indecisive for my own good, so I'm going to go with what the votes are so. Yeah

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