Chapter 1

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My name is Jessica, and I am the biggest Directioner EVER!!! I love Harry Styles, I mean, who doesn't? I'm only 10, and I know I'll never get to meet them. My best friend, Kayla, went to a 1D concert with her mom on her 10th birthday. She's a big fan too.

Kayla was at my house right now, having a sleepover. We were painting our nails, and of course listening to One Direction.

"Omg, I LOVE this song!!" Kayla screamed. She jumped on my bed and pretended to play an air guitar. She mouthed the words to "Kiss me" while I kept on giggling. While laughing, I joined her up on the bed. We were singing, and dancing just when my mom came in.

"Girls, your being a bit too loud."

"Sorry mom! We get a little carried away when it comes to One Direction." I said. Kayla and I hopped off the bed and sat by the nail polish area.

"One Direction, huh? Well, about that..." my mom said.

I jumped up. "What!! What??!?! Tell me!!"

"In 9 days, Kayla's mom is taking you and Kayla to a 1 Direction concert!" My mom exclaimed.

I screamed. Kayla screamed. I grinned. Kayla grinned. My mom grinned.


I started making posters right after Kayla left. It was 10:06, and I knew I had to go to bed. As if my thoughts cued my mom, she came in and told me it was time to go to bed. I said goodnight, and got ready for bed.


I woke up the next morning, feeling different. I knew a lot more info that I didn't know yesterday. I knew all about sex, boobs, big butts, pussys, cocks/dicks, whatever those where. I decided to get dressed.

"What the..." I questioned as I took off my shirt. I had on, a bra?

What was going on? I put a new shirt on, and walked downstairs.

A giant cake was on our kitchen counter. I walked over to the cake, and read it. "Happy Birthday Jessica!!"

No way. My birthday is in November. I checked the calendar. Sure enough, it was November. My birthday had already past, I remember yesterday being December 11th. I'm supposed to be at a 1D concert on December 20th, 2014!! I checked the calendar again The year was 2014, weird. Maybe I dreamt about yesterday.

Still puzzled, I sat down at our kitchen table. My mom came thumping down the stairs, singing happy birthday.

" 'Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to our little Jessie, Happy Birthday to you!!' Happy birthday baby!! Your eleven!!" My mom said enthusiastically, and came over next to me.

"Mom, I thought, for some weird reason, that I was going to a 1D concert in a few days. Weird, huh?"

"You are, silly. In 8 days. With Katla and her mom."

Wow. Maybe I just didn't know the date yesterday?

"What do you say. Cake for breakfast?" My mom asked.

I grinned. "Sure. That would be great."

"Alrighty then! Let's eat!!" My mom said as she began cutting the cake.


Authors Note:

Sorry for making so much stories lately, and not sticking to one!! This one is pretty interesting, though. I hope you will all like it!! Btw, thanks so much for 1.4k reads on Lucaya Parent Project!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


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