Chapter Fourteen

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The winter at Hogwarts was so cold. But it was beautiful.

As you and fellow students stepped outside for another trip to Hogsmeade, the cold air bit your exposed skin. Of course the only exposed skin being your face.

The fresh wind blew softly, almost seeming as if it was caressing you.

Hermione and Ron were having their moments again. And so again, you didn't want to get in between them.

You didn't want to buy anything extravagant anymore, given the fact that Malfoy didn't give back your necklace. You haven't even seen it.

You figured that he probably destroyed it.

You really weren't in the mood for anything that day. You wanted to go back and go with Harry. But you knew that wasn't an option.

As you passed the candy shop, Pansy Parkinson came out and looked you over with disgust when she spotted you.

"You got a problem?" You asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do." She said.

"Clearly." You huffed.

You started to walk.

"My problem is you."

You stopped and turned around. "What did I ever do to you for you to have a problem with me?"

"You need to stay away from Draco and keep close to your boyfriend. Yeah, you're boyfriend Potter. Remember him? Stick with him, understand?" She crossed her arms.

You laughed. "Why would I even go near Malfoy? He hates me. And I dislike him."

"But you don't hate him the way he hates you, right?" She said.

You rolled your eyes. "Why is this even a concern to you?"

"Because Draco is mine and only mine. The last thing I need is for him to catch feelings for you. So stay away from him."

You laughed and started to walk away. As you walked, you called back, "He won't catch feelings for me. And confront him about your problem. He's the one that can't seem to stay away from me."

Pansy turned red with anger and huffed. Draco walked out of the candy shop. Then his two minions came out shortly after.

"Why the angry face, Parkinson?" Draco asked when he got to Pansy.

"It's that (l/n) girl. She was bothering me." She said innocently.

Draco looked up and seen you walking towards the forest.

"Do I need to talk some sense into her, Pansy?"

"Yes please." She acted like she was about to cry.

"Come on, boys."

Draco and his two idiots left a smirking Pansy alone. They walked toward you and you had no idea that you were being followed. Not until Crabbe stumbled so loud you swore the whole earth shook. Then Draco being the other idiot loudly told Crabbe to shut up.

Then you walked faster and hid behind a tree.

You heard them come closer.

"See? I lost her! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have lost her!"

It was Draco.

"I-I'm sorry Malfoy. But why are you even going to confort her? You don't even care about Pansy and her problems. And you can straight out tell that she was faking it!"

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