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Excuse any mistakes!
Zae Berlinger

Excuse any mistakes!Zae Berlinger

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"Hold that shit, Novah." I gritted slapping her ass repeatedly.

"Zae, I-I'm so close.." She moaned out throwing her ass back. I pounded her roughly as I felt my nut approaching.

"Cum." Her body shook violently as she whimpered, gripping the sheets. I released inside the condom pulling out of her. "Damn."

"Mm, you always fuck me so good." She laid flat on the bed while I went to flush the condom. As I started putting on my clothes, she mugged me.


"You're leaving again?"

I sighed. "Novah, I have a photoshoot in an hour. I'll talk to you soon."

"Fine." She pouted wrapping the sheet around her body. I leaned down kissing her forehead.

"Come lock the door."

Novah is someone I started to mess with a year ago. I told her from the jump I didn't want a relationship. She agreed and told me she wasn't looking for anything either. So far she has kept that same mindset besides wanting me to stay over.

I pulled out my phone as I approached my car. Before I headed over to the shoot, I tried calling Jordyn but she didn't answer. It wasn't like her to ignore and not return my calls. Instead of trying to call her back, I called my mom.

"Hello." She answered sweetly.

"Hey, ma."

"It's been a while since you called. I thought you forgot about me."

"How could I forget about my favorite lady?"

"You left me no choice but to think that way. Have you been eating and drinking your water? You could always come home and I'll co-" She rambled on and on.

"Ma, I'm fine. You do realize I'm 25 now, going on 26. I know how to talk care of myself." I told her.

"Sorry, I just miss you."

"I miss you too. I miss all of y'all. Speaking of, where is Jordyn? She isn't answering any of my calls."

"She went over a friend's house for the day."

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