🖤Shoto Todoroki (Part 2)🖤

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Calm Me Down... Please
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Shoto... Shoto? Shoto!"

The two toned boy shook his head and blinked a couple of times before meeting eyes with his girlfriend.

"Hey. You doing okay? You've been dazed all day! Is it because I'm going to meet your father tomorrow?" (Y/n) asked, placing her hand on top of his. Shoto sighed and grabbed her hand and put it to his forehead.

"Maybe." He admitted.

(Y/n) smiled and took her hand from Todoroki. She pushed his hair back and pecked his forehead, "It'll be fine. Now, are you ready to go? Can't keep your Mom waiting forever. I can't wait to meet her."

Shoto got out of his seat and put his bag over his shoulder, "Okay."

(Y/n) grinned and intertwined her fingers with Todoroki's as they left the U.A building.

"Tell me about your mother Shoto." (Y/n) says.

Shoto hummed and thought about it, "Well... she's gentle and sweet, like you are. She has white hair and brown eyes... She is kind, and forgiving." (Y/n) smiled, listening to Shoto talk about his mother. Even if his scar came from her, she could tell he loved her despite that.

"How about your siblings? How many do you have?"

"Two.. well.. three actually. Touya, my oldest brother. I'm not sure what happened to him. My sister Fuyumi and my other brother Natsuo. I'm the youngest."

"Must be nice to have siblings. Do you get along or are there arguments?"

"It depends.. Sometimes. But we get along mostly because we all despise my father." He said without hesitation.

His response kind of threw (Y/n) off. Did everyone in his family really not like his father? He can't be that bad of a father can he? Is he a terrible husband too?

"We're here. Follow me." Shoto led the two of them to the front counter where the lady working there allowed them to his mother's room. They stopped outside and Shoto gently knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

Shoto pulled open the door and he let (Y/n) in before him. (Y/n) met eyes with his mother and she was immediately shocked. Todoroki wasn't kidding when he said she was gentle. Her eyes were so inviting, it was almost as if there was no way she could've hurt Shoto.

"Hello. You must be (Y/n), my name is Rei. I'm Shoto's mother." She held out a hand and (Y/n) carefully took it, expecting a hand shake but she was pulled into a surprisingly warm hug. (Y/n) wrapped her arms around Rei and smiled.

"Hello mother." Shoto said behind (Y/n). The white haired woman let go of (Y/n) and noticed that the girl had started crying.

"What's wrong dear? I didn't hurt you, did I?" Rei put her hands on (Y/n)'s face and wiped away her tears. (Y/n) shook her head.

"I've always heard of motherly hugs... but I've never felt one, until now... You're hugs are so welcoming and gentle... This must be what having a mother feels like... I'm envious of you Shoto." (Y/n) looked over at her boyfriend.

"You don't have a mother? There must be a lot to you.." Rei said, she pulled (Y/n) over to the bed beside her, "Have a seat. We can discuss everything."

(Y/n) glanced at Shoto and noticed him smiling at the two of them. (Y/n) began telling Rei everything about herself, and how she met Shoto. (Y/n) told Rei about the first time she and Shoto went out on a date and how incredibly blunt her son was. Shoto didn't mind just sitting there and listening, as he enjoyed watching his mother and his girlfriend converse.

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